Are James Harden or Russell Westbrook's early season struggles more concerning? | NBA Countdown

Are James Harden or Russell Westbrook's early season struggles more concerning? | NBA Countdown

On NBA Countdown, Michael Wilbon, Stephen A. Smith, Jalen Rose and Mike Greenberg debate whether James Harden or Russell Westbrook’s early season struggles are more concerning.

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  1. The Wizards might be the first team to win the "4 quarters for a dollar trade". They turned John Wall's terrible contract into Russ and turned Russ into Dinwiddie, Kuzma, Harrell and KCP.

  2. Do these guys have a post-game segment. That would be the only thingiasing from this. Go back to the days of NBA Tonight. NBA Tonight was the best b-ball show ESPN EVER produced. And guess what, Steven A was in that show in its last few years.

  3. Love how SAS says it isn’t an excuse then gives an excuse lol. Even still Harden only had the be the second scoring option and Pg. Still less than what they’re asking of KD. He gotta adjust to the new rules or just be an all star and not a super star no more.

  4. Pretty interesting how the two stars that played alongside the potential best player in the world KD are in the position that they are now with everyone concerned about their true value now that they are in the best possible position to win yet these two are struggling to live up to the hype and what they are there for

  5. They always refering to NBA stars as smart. ALWAYS! Why? Russ ain`t smart as a basketball player. He might be in real life. But not on a court. Same with Harden at this point..

  6. I think it's Russ. Good player but I think he's a weird fit for this team as presently constituted. Not that he won't have some big nights.
    Harden is one of the most prolific scorers of all time. The new rules have impacted his game for sure but he'll adjust and physically, he's not as explosive as we're used to which he's attributed to a lack of confidence. Man is going through it but again, this is something he'll break out of as we already saw a bit of against the Pacers.

  7. I love when former NBA players like Jalen Rose goes on first take because he doesn’t play these speculative games with Stephen a Smith. When Stephen a Smith starts talking about demoralization and all these things that he cannot prove is true Jalen is very quick to call him out on it and I wish more people did that because for someone who’s never played basketball at a professional level ever in their life don’t know what goes on in a athletes head to be able to speculate in the first place.