Ethiopia conflict: UN 'deeply concerned' about raging war

Ethiopia conflict: UN 'deeply concerned' about raging war

The Ethiopian government has launched airstrikes on residential areas in Tigray for the second time this week, as the war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front continues to rage in the north of the country.

The United Nations has said it is deeply concerned about the escalating and spreading conflict in Africa’s second-most populous country, which has now been grinding on for almost a year.

The war is now spilling over from Tigray into the neighbouring regions of Afar and Amhara, displacing hundreds of thousands more people.

Our Africa Correspondent John Sparks has gained access to Afar and sent this report from the town of Abala.

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  1. Yep. This coming down the road to European countries. Hordes of idle men in those images. Nothing to do. Wait fo the inevitable arrival of the WFP trucks. Indian government leased 1000s of hectares of the finest land to grow food but natives only wanted goats

  2. One-sided report as usual. How about the TPLF attack on civilian towns in Amhara and Afar, killing hundreds just this week? Not concerning enough?

  3. Where is the UN's concern, when TPLF is rampaging through Amhara and Afar? Nobody wants to see civilians harmed. But the UN's preferential concern for the lives of one tribe over another, is fueling this conflict. This is disgraceful for a humanitarian institution.

  4. The un what a corrupted joke unless it's to help steal more natural resources and to the men foolish enough to talk to that "reporter" Divide and Conquer gentlemen that's also part of the game!

  5. The UN? they lost all respect when the offered Matt mengale Hancock a job!! This lot all need to go, we need to stop giving them authority, they will eventually ruin our lives! Picking wars all over the world whilst ignoring the REAL problems and tyranny! Why do the queens bankers fund the wars? Without the carefully filmed reports being broadcast 24/7 by the media and the Bank of England to fund them all wars would be impossible! We’re fighting the wrong enemy, and the mentality of most brits tells me we’ll never wake up to this fact! Sadly

  6. The war is against the TPLF not against the people in the tigray region. But unfortunately the TPLF brainwashed the people in the tigray region, and now they are using them.

  7. It's not WORLD FOOD PROGRAMS/WFP/. b/c they do not included SOME PARTS OF ETHIOPIA REGION LIKE OROMIA,AFAR,Amhara and also some parts of the world like Palestine and other Muslim countries.

  8. west are foolishd in many was this guy think those 400 man are displaced there are waiting to unbushe tigirayn fighters and those Ethiopian soldiers are not loosening the ground the need to fight els where becaues in afira the wone war and the tigirayn fighters the should keep steling the nothing els the can do anymore

  9. TPLF started it all; they are even forcing innocent Tigrayans to join the war, forcing them not to leave Tigray. The truth is that the people of Tigray don’t even want this terrorist organization aka tplf .

  10. Abiy started the war when he try to capture tplf by surprise 3 month before the war, he blocked transport for 2y , he then paid north commander to kill tplf which lead some of north loyal to tplf qttack them. Abiy started the war when he try to coup tplf,he also committed war action he blocked the road. Abiy supporter will talk about loyal to tplf attacking but never speak what lead to it. Be wise and don't trust everything they say. Once the war started abiy covers rape,looting,shooting,booming and exiling innocent tigrayan.