Kosovo Liberation Army: Heroes or Terrorists??? KLA

Kosovo Liberation Army: Heroes or Terrorists??? KLA

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NATO classification of KLA terrorist activities – https://www.nato.int/kosovo/docu/u980331a.htm

Info on KLA crimes against a Serbian child, here – https://vidovdan.org/info/nekaznjen-zlocin-albanskih-ekstremista-jasna-tasic-15-mucena-pa-svirepo-ubijena/?script=lat

KLA on wikipedia, here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosovo_Liberation_Army

Thaci accusations here – https://www.politico.eu/article/kosovo-hashim-thaci-un-special-court-tribunal-organ-trafficking-kla-serbia-milosevic-serbia-ramush/

And – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/dec/14/kosovo-prime-minister-llike-mafia-boss


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  1. The biggest, most organized and most dangerous terrorist organization isn’t the KLA, Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram or even Al-Qaeda. It’s the US Military.

  2. Do you know what is the problem here my friend? Empathy or at least enough open mindedness to see the bigger picture. The majority of UÇK fighters fought for their village, their house.. a lot of them had their wives and children refugees in Albania. Now, some of them might have committed several crimes, and they ought to be punished. Wars are messy things, what did you think happens in wars? This being said, now try to quantify the suffering of the Serbs during the war, take a deep breath, bite your pillow if it is neccessary, and multiply it by 100! That is what Kosovo Albanians suffered!
    It was a centralized autocratic chauvinistic regime who was about to genocide an entire population of 1.8 million. It was a whole state apparatus of violence working for this to happen. The UÇK might have had its own bad people, (who I repeat, should be punished) but this is not at all comparable to a whole state apparatus who is responsible for the killing of tens of thousands and the raping of 20 thousand women. Its legacy can be seen in the institutionalized hate speech against Albanians you have there in Serbia. This doesn't mean all serbs are war criminals of course. But hmm, can you guys look up in google for me, how many massive graves of Kosovo Albanians have been located so far in the territory of Serbia? Thanks in advance.
    P.s. there is a very vulgar expression they use in my region.. it is vulgar indeed, but it illustrates perfectly what I want to say: "your ass is full of shit, but you say the neighbour smells". Clean your ass first, and let us clean ours too. Respect to all the people who are not allergic to critical thinking in Serbia.

  3. I havent done much research but these men were fighting for their freedom serbia was the one commiting war crimes like mortaring people in bosnia and massacaring and raping women

  4. Dr Marcus Papadopoulos

    The illegal authorities in Pristina, who originate from organised crime, want the illegal entity known as the Republic of Kosovo, which is a black hole for drug trafficking, organ trafficking, sex trafficking and gun trafficking, to join #Interpol. How inverted. #KosovojeSrbija

    12:50 PM – Nov 20,

  5. How dare you call KLA a terrorist organisation ! You should inform yourself before spreading this false information. Kosovo was, is and will always be Albania. The Serbian Military Forces entered the territory of Kosovo and killed , raped and tortured almost every civilian they found. To protect themselves they created a military force (KLA) . So how protecting the nation makes you a Terrorist?? Get informed before doing these videos. Its true that KLA soldiers killed a lot of Serbs, but do you know how many Albanians were killed by them?? Kosovo was not planning a war, it was Serbia that entered the territory of Kosovo and started all of this. Stop spreading lies !

  6. I have never seen such a reality distortion on what is supposed to be a neutral informative video, clerarly this isn't neutral.
    2 milion albanians had their right to decide about their own fate (in their own land), but under the regime of Milosevic who was known as "the butcher" of balkans(for causing hundred thousands deaths, and genocide over 100.000 only in bosnia), albanians were deprived from almost every basic human right(including the right to be educated in their language), teachers were shot by sniper in front of their students.
    Serbian army and police killed around 13,500 people in Kosovo (1500 of them were kids aged 6 months – 14 year olds).
    KLA was the only way to defend ourselves from the asimilation that milosevic desperately wanted. And thank to god we were never alone in this jorney beacuse we had USA and NATO in our sides to stop the hand of genocide escalating in our population.
    After the war around 1.5 milion albanians that were displaced from serbian army returned on their home, probably found it burned to ground but it didn't matter beacuse finally we were free.

  7. Well if you wonder why is the situation like this i suggest you do a little more digging on what happened in kosovo to get a better perspective.

  8. UCK = "U" as in "Sue" — "C" as in CHEE — K as in KA. Ue-Chee-Ka. I was in the US Army in Kosovo at the time and met a number of UCK fighters — they were legit lol.

  9. Also the so-called war crimes they did are bogus. Look on their Wiki page — every time, it's always "ALLEGED" – they never have any proof UCK did this stuff. LOL The State lies, News at 9.

  10. Though I acknowledge the horrors of the wars
    And I acknowledge serbian crimes against non serbs in the conflicts
    Including a serb government that was rubbing elbows with dangerous criminals. (I only say this first part in case someone gets uppity about wat I'm going to say next)

    I do also acknowledge the disgusting crimes of the KLA

    Which for some reason the mainstream won't talk about. Which I think is misleading and gross.

    Please note that I am not taking sides in the albanian v Serb dispute
    I only side with the facts

    And the fact is, the albanians were not innocent either.