Suzuki GSX-S 1000GT (2022) Review | Engine Sound | Sport Tourer Road Test |

Suzuki GSX-S 1000GT (2022) Review | Engine Sound | Sport Tourer Road Test |

Suzuki GSX-S 1000GT (2022) Review | Sport Tourer Road Test |
To find out how the new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT handles a typical UK tour, we set off for Scotland and a sample of the North Coast 500.
Suzuki GSX-S1000GT (2022) tested in true Scottish weather! | £11,599 | 150bhp | 226kg
BACK in the day, there were bikes that roamed the planet that offered true sports bike handling dynamics, bags of comfort and more than enough room for two people, plus luggage.

Fast forward to today and they have all been pretty much killed off by the seemingly unstoppable march of the adventure bike. And while pretty much any bike can be sporty, and all of them can do the touring thing, there are many of these true, long-distance sports bikes left to choose from. Enter the new 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000GT as it steps into a class that holds just a handful of competitors.
Suzuki GSX-S1000GT (0:00)
Suzuki GSX-S1000GT Price (1:33)
Suzuki GSX-S1000GT Engine Sound (2:26)
Suzuki GSX-S1000GT Chassis (4:08)
Suzuki GSX-S1000GT Comfort (6:53)
Suzuki GSX-S1000GT Highlights (8:00)
Suzuki GSX-S1000GT Verdict (10:00)

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  1. Thanks for a great video. I owned the gsx s1000 and loved the bike but not the throttle responce. Sold it and bought a Triumph 900 GT Pro. Love this bike but i do miss the four cylinder bike against my triplet and the more sportier bike as the Suzuki. Its great that more sport touring bikes is back on the market. Imagine honda will made a cbr 900-1000 cc and more of sporttouring bike with a more upriding position wow what a lovely bike that would be. I think the cbr650r is the most lovely looking bike out there but not like the front forward position. I want a swiss army mc that do all of this and still with a sportier look with a four cc that can handle this with luggage and with a pillion space, a bike within 900-1000 cc to bring the price and insurance cost down. Will this ever happen before the electric bike takes over. Please Honda make this bike. Yes this Suzuki is on its way but not as near at the cbr650r regarding the looks. Why cant anyone build a sportier bike that looks nice with a four cylinder and built for a more touring like bike at a better price and lower cc to bring the cost and insurance cost down. I dont want a track bike and a supercharge bike.

  2. Blah blah blah…..all these stats and numbers are just bragging rights for the pub! After more than 38 years of riding ALL sorts of bikes, and all sizes, in all kinds of weather and all kinds of riding styles, I can honestly say that there is absolutely NO need for a 1000cc bike for genuine sport-touring. Why do you need it? Seriously? I currently have a Yam 700 Tracer (since July 2020) and I have had my longest and best spins on it in all the decades I have been riding. I'm talking 300-400+ mile days, with no issues whatsoever (and that's with very few stops, too). If you think you need a bike like this for serious mileage and proper adventure rides on tarmac, then you've obviously fallen for the hype and the sales bullshit. Stop being a sucker! Save your money, and just buy the bike that does the job for you. Instead of spending £11k+ on bikes like this, spend just 4-6k on a decent 4 or 5 year old middleweight, and use the several grand you've saved to buy the proper gear and accessories that WILL make the difference to your trips! Don't be the mug who lines the pockets of the manufacturers and the ad-men….use your judgement and get the bike that works for you.

  3. From the seat where I sit, the only downers I have so far is the ugly-ish face with single-beam-lit (seriously, when are we going to end this winky headlight thing forever?). Otherwise I think Suzuki has a real winner on their hands here. What experience I've had with this K5 engine, it really is one of the best flat-plane inline-4 out there, long-stroke, makes a great sound, has some character, is very torquey, is fuel efficient (for 150 hp). Glad they kept the weight just below 500 lb.

  4. Well done Suzuki, finally another sport tourer (after Ninja 1000SX) on the market. On the paper 226kg and 152hp is what I was waiting for years from Honda. I am sure 1000GT will be a big success.

  5. How would you rate this against the BMW R1250RS?

    I currently ride a naked 2017 GSX S1000 and thinking about upgrading to a bike with better wind protection, comfort, suspension and throttle response – more suited for spirited sport-touring. I wonder if this GT is such a big step up from my current bike. Granted, the BMW costs more than the GT, but it also has adaptive suspension, IMU-assisted ABS, heaps of torque down low and little amenities like keyless go, shaft drive, centerstand. Would miss the roar of the K5 engine, but the BMW seems like a more complete bike.

  6. I think I would be better off with the new Honda NT1100.
    Don't care about rev me to the Moon, inline 4's buzz bombs.
    Maybe if it had hydraulic lifters I would put up with it's manners.
    Buy and install the optional quick shifter and it's an almost 100% perfect motorcycle.

  7. Definitely seems aimed at the maturing sports bike fanatic, but sadly at the expense of its touring abilities. The glaring omission of a top box or even rear rack makes a nonsense of the GT name and seems to mark this out for solo use only, though even solo I would like the option of a top box for short trips to avoid the extra width of panniers. Many pillion riders, my wife included, will not go on a bike without the security and comfort of a top box, and I don't blame them, not to mention the impossibility of getting enough luggage for two people on a 2 week trip into just two panniers.

  8. Motorrad Nr. 18 vom 20.8.2021

    Suzuki GSX S1000 neu 2021 0-100km 3,0 Sekunden 0-140km 4,6 Sekunden. Neupreis 13.200.— inkl. Nebenkosten
    Honda CB 1000R 0-100km 3,4 Sekunden 0-140km 5,2 Sekunden. „. „ 14.500.— " "

    Motorrad Nr.19 vom 3.9.2021

    Aprilia RSV 4 Factory 0-100km 3,3 Sekunden 0-140km 4.8 Sekunden. Neupreis 25.690.— " "
    BMW M 1000R. 0-100km 3,1 Sekunden 0-140km 4,5 Sekunden Neupreis 37.500.— " "
    Ducati PanigaleV4 SP 0-100km 3,4 Sekunden 0-140km 4,8 Sekunden Neupreis 37.200.— " HondaCBR1000RR-R FirebladeSP 0-100km 3,4 Sekunden 0-140km 4,7 Sekunden Neupreis 26.700.— " "
    Kawasaki Ninja ZX- 10RR 0-100km 3,4 Sekunden 0-140km 4.7 Sekunden Neupreis 29.400.— " "
    Yamaha R1 M 0-100km 3,3 Sekunden 0-140km 4,8 Sekunden. Neupreis 26.500.— " "

  9. Can't see any problems as a two up sports tourer!!! Did you try it two up!? Where you on the pillion?!? After a few miles your arse would be raw as a pillion as the rear seat is tiny…
    Have you cashed your cheque from suzuki yet…

  10. Nunca cuando enseñan una motocicleta se suben en parado. Nos muestran la inclinación de la espalda. Como de flexionadas quedan las piernas. Qué tan lejos o cerca queda el manillar. Como se vería con dos personas encima. Van cómodas? O demasiado pegadas? Etc

  11. Great review, but 9:13, budget? I don't consider a 16.000+ euro motorcycle (17500 euro with the touring kit you guys seem to have tested) budget in any way shape or form, I'd call that 'mid range'. For example, a CB500F is very much a more 'budget' bike at 7700 euro. I'd call anything over 20k euro 'luxury' kinds of motorcycles.
    Personally I am in the market for either the 1000sx or this one, so I am very much looking forward to the comparison.