Thousands of migrants break through Mexican police roadblock on the way to US border

Thousands of migrants break through Mexican police roadblock on the way to US border

A migrant caravan made up of thousands has broken through Mexican security forces attempting to stop them from making it to the US border on the heels of US President Joe Biden saying he lacks the time to actually go there.

Thousands of migrants gathered in Tapachula, near the Mexico-Guatemala border, and are now making their way to Mexico City and eventually the US border. Among them are people fleeing Haiti, Venezuela, and multiple other Latin American countries.

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  1. My ancestors founded Texas. I’m for legal immigration that’s mutually beneficial. However, the constant use of illegal immigration by turning unsuspecting migrants into an invasion force to bring about a new world order is treason to America’s values of freedom and to the state of Texas.

    If this constant force isn’t stopped then it won’t be long before freedom is gone globally and there will be no country anyone wants to immigrate to (including America). Every country will be 3rd world suffering. Let’s bring American prosperity and values to the 3rd world and not 3rd world suffering to America.

    We must not rest until every illegal alien is denied entry at the border. It’s tough love from here on out. American prosperity as well as global freedom, prosperity and security are simply more important.

    Finish the wall! None shall pass!

  2. I heard these people are escape theire home towns because they cant even afford to eat yet most of them have big bellys like if they eat very well on a daily basis , they vome from a place whwre they have a roof over there heads have a place to kay thier heada at night have a place to shower obviously have money to buy clean cloths and have food to eat but they say there are coming to the US because they have none of that im a mexican myself and even i say that this isnt right

  3. Modern man is not the man who goes off to discover himself, his secrets, and his hidden truth; he is a man who tries to invest himself in something beneficial for the future.

  4. To bad Biden stopped the wall construction . I think a completed wall will stop the charge. I guess the Dems who say a wall is worthless, are full of s…t .