Capturing an Entire City with Only 6 Men

Capturing an Entire City with Only 6 Men

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As a group of Luftwaffe reconnaissance aircraft flew over Belgrade on April 13, 1941, Captain Fritz Klingenberg pointed at the skies and then back at his watch.

Time was ticking.

Should the Yugoslav Mayor not surrender his city, Klingenberg would call upon a rampant air attack and artillery barrage, sparing none of the capital’s 200,000 citizens.

But the Mayor obliged.

However, he did not know that he had just been duped by one of the sneakiest and most conniving men of the Schutzstaffel.

On that day, Captain Klingenberg, with only six men and a whole lot of guts, captured a critical city in the Balkans, defeating thousands without a single gunshot.

– As images and footage of actual events are not always available, Dark Docs sometimes utilizes similar historical images and footage for dramatic effect. I do my best to keep it as visually accurate as possible. All content on Dark Docs is researched, produced, and presented in historical context for educational purposes. We are history enthusiasts and are not always experts in some areas, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with corrections, additional information, or new ideas. –


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  1. The tourist was actually a prisoner of the Yugoslavian soldiers, and was in the process of being transported to his own execution as a spy when he was serendipitously rescued by Klingenberg. The tourist was unaware of this at the time, thinking he was merely being transported to another holding cell for more interrogation or deportation. Even though initially wanting nothing to do with the war or Nazis, finding out he would have been shot by the Yugoslavs if not rescued probably had something to do with his decision to help his countrymen. Klingenberg's 18 Charisma would have also helped, of course.

  2. My father, born in Bratislava, which in 1917 was still Pressburg, part of what later became Czechoslovakia, today's Slovakia, but at that time part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, ended up in the Wehrmacht after the Anschluß, though his war stories are rather less heroic.

    Spending most of the war years as part of the German occupation forces in Greece, dabbling in racketeering and black-marketeering, his two central objectives were simple: (1) stay as far away from any front lines as is possible (though even the partisans in Greece were a real bother), and (2) make enough to survive in post-war Vienna.

  3. You can be on some side of the political spectrum but people need to understand this…
    German Reich Armed Forces destroyed the prison of nations called Yugoslavia and
    LIBERATED Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia from the grip of the tyrannical and power-crazed
    Serbian expansionists just like Russian ones in Ukraine today!
    EVEN COMMUNISTS HERE were happy with that UNTIL Germans invades Russia!
    (Tells a lot about their character!)

    And SOME people still celebrate those dates as true Liberation Day of their countries!

    Serbian dynasty got so power-crazed, totalitarian and disconnected from reality
    that people were so desperate to kill such tirant of the king (and succeeded in Marseille!)
    leaving dynasty of Karađorđević in the hands of some kid that cowardly fleed
    to London! Another dynasty, King/Queen Obrenović ignored all the warnings like
    nothing is happening and send their daughter (princess) on the extravagant and super expensive
    on the 16.-th of Aprile! (While their army was smashed! and Belgrade GOT BOMBED!)
    in the middle of Belgrade!
    And for that, there was the especially satisfying bombing on that day for
    ALL THE PEOPLE that Serbian Expansionists oppressed! So there is a little song in the folk to this day;

    "Njemačke Štuke Ljubim Vas u Krila
    Dođite nam opet Šesnestog Aprila!"

    or translated:

    "German Stukas, we kiss your Wings (Bless You)
    Please, Come Again on 16.-th of Aprile"

    I mean…it is simply funny in the HISTORICAL context and understood in all the liberated Nations!

  4. 3:514:00 Actually, Yugoslavia was and always will be a FALSE state ruled by THE MOST BRUTAL DICTATORSHIP and there IS NO NATIONAL ELEMENT TO IT…ONLY POWERFUL MILITARY ONE that becomes EXTREMELY DANGEROUS SELF SERVING ENTITY, ESPECIALLY when the "Supreme Leader" is either dead or abdicates!) As shown in the last war! It is an EVIL ENTITY THAT DESERVED FAR MORE than Germans did to it in the 1940s and later NATO in the 1990s!
    And A.H. KNEW that so-called "Yugoslavia" is a prison-state of Greater Serbia Imperialists since he came to visit his fellow WW1 Croatian Comrade and Friend from Viena-life who lived at sea (a now popular sea-side resort in central Dalmatia) and saw all the hardship and brutality first-hand!
    He understood and witnessed the hardships of the people Serbian Imperialists enslaved!
    Even non-politically active Serbs were the legitimate target of it's wrath!
    Going by his "unique" worldview it was an ultimate sin that the "lower" race is master to higher ones and eventually did some good based on that! OPERATION PUNISHMENT!
    And later liberation and international Admission of its "New" Nation States!