Is India The Next China?

Is India The Next China?

Although India has lagged behind China since both countries opened up to the world in the 1980s, the Indian government is now taking steps to finally challenge its biggest economic competitor.
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  1. 現在的印度,就和民國時期的中國是一樣的甚至有過之無不及:

  2. This is a most ridiculous debate. The conclusion is plain for all to see. Only India and the US keep the debate alive. This makes no difference at all in the end. Quite consistently, there is no question at all in effectiveness of policies and efficiency between the two.

  3. india is next india. india is continuation of the civilization even the Chinese and other Asians have been influenced by.

    this civ ain't going anywhere.

  4. No,simply because to be another China you have to be better than what China is doing at the moment and there's no evidence of that whatsoever now or in the foreseeable future!

  5. India has a long history as china with a big population. But china is independent they make a lot of their own things they will not allow them selfs to be bullied by america. India has to make their own things and rely less on america. But will america allow that

  6. I think this is really relevant today. If a gap grows between china and USA, then India will pick up the pace, by sourcing resources from Russia and China. Lol we live in such a complicated world.

  7. To be the next China, india needs to invest a lot in infrastructure. And building infrastructure needs a lot of iron and steel.
    So is India's consumption of iron ore and steel increasing ?

  8. WelL, all the disputes have been sorted out and laws which were making the manufacturing sector stiff have been also ruled out from the taxation laws and eventually in present scenario India is third best country in the world to start business and to open a manufacturing plant considering all the PLI schemes and other beneficial schemes…

  9. I have to be frank. Our leadership simply doesn't have the focus of the Chinese nor the imagination of our ancestors to pull off economic miracles that people are expecting. India will not succeed by copying china but by doing things no one else has ever done.

  10. No. You can't trust India, they will cheat you. Already proven. Some company went to start up there, and India wanted all there stuff, then went to kick them out. Some thing like that.

  11. I am Chinese. I want to say that there is only one piece of cake in the world.
    Japan, South Korea, Western Europe and the United States have taken away high value-added industries, China has taken away medium value-added industries, and the rest are low value-added manufacturing industries

  12. Well we don't want to be the next china. Imagine is china is in a war which is opposed by the USA it will have all its manufacturing companies out of china also the cheap labour label is also not accurate for china anymore. China depends only on manufacturing right now it is trying to shift though. Basically it is only possible to stop China if western countries pull out from China and look for alternatives in THIS DECADE or it might be too late.