Top Story with Tom Llamas – October 29th | NBC News NOW

Top Story with Tom Llamas - October 29th | NBC News NOW

The FDA has authorized Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11, making 28 million children eligible for the vaccine, President Biden meets with Pope Francis, Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother speaks out, the Biden administration considers payments for families separated at the border under Trump policies, and Queen Elizabeth’s latest health orders as the monarch cancels events for the next two weeks.  

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  1. she cries just like the little girls she destroyed…….please don't let her or her family make her the victim…..criers and liars where have we seen this ? I say hmm lock her up……..with the rest of the predators….you know who they are


  3. Pandemic Viruses when the Country man from China,fly direct ,in London U K,,started ,in December 2019,did the Country man from , China fly to you in Washington DC, and fly , because we saw, the Real life if Bruce Lee , in all the Americans State, ;.

  4. So he push aside the very low death rate in kids and the heart issues seen in older kids from the vaccine but he blows up that experts saying "kids COULD HAVE LONG LASTING SYMPTOMS". No data but simply experts say they CAN or MAY… Lol..

    And they wonder why ppl don't trust them. Jen the house speaker just tested positive.. Enough said.

  5. Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Verse 23)
    The Scriptures says “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” ( Romans 3:23). Only Jesus Christ can set us free from our sin (read Romans 6:17-18 and John 3:16-18). Paul’s beginner’s guide to eternal life (Romans 6) leaves us with two choices. Choosing sin, which leads to death, that is being separated from God forever, (eternal damnation) or choosing JESUS which leads to eternal life. I encourage you to receive His gift of life today, and if you have already accepted Christ, I encourage you to share this gift with others today!
    Prayer- JESUS, thank You for loving and setting me free. You paid a debt that I could never pay and gave me a gift of eternal life that I could never afford to buy. Thank You for forgiving me, I am so grateful!

  6. Is it any surprise that these "mainstream" news networks help big pharmaceutical companies pad their pockets? Do America a favor and unsubscribe from any network promoting these vaccines. These are commercials disguised as news segments.

  7. Had to say this one thing Not one time Did the president Or the former president call the nation to prayer and fasting this country will be destroyed as we are killing each other and children just look at the country this comes from disobeying God's word. You don't have to believe me it's already prophesied there is no one that can save this country for what's about to happen so go back to your sin and be happy just like Satan time is short America time is short . it is written If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their Wicked Ways then will I hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. the problem is America loves its (SIN) America will not seek GOD ,America must be destroyed . All of this that we've seen is spiritual Laws will not understand until it's too late We came from the land of the free Home of the braveTo the land of the slaves to sin And a land of cowards No one's standing up for righteousness no one's standing up for God's word I pray that God has mercy on us all If you're doing good keep doing good if you don't evil keep doing evil The kingdom of God is at hand repent Before it's too late.

  8. L. E. T. S. N. O. T. F. O. R. G. E. T. . O. U. R. V. I. C. E. P. R. E. S. I. D. E. N. T. S. H. A. R. E. I. N. G. M. O. M. E. N. T. S. W. I. T. H. . R. E. V. E. R. A. N. D. A. L. S. H. A. R. P. T. O. N. C. E. L. E. B. R. A. T. E. S. T. H. E. 30th. A. N. I. V. E. R. S. A. R. Y. N. A. T. I. O. N. A. L. N. A. T. I. O. N. A. L. N. E. T. W. O. R. K. A. T. C. A. R. N. E. G. I. E. H. A. L. L.

  9. This comment section is so informative. They mention reparations to people caught in the act of a crime. People who use their children as leverage and I didn’t see too much discussion. YET, had reparations been mentioned in association with the descendants of slaves who suffered for more than 18 months or 6 years, the comment section would’ve been filled with disdain and hate and calling our reparations welfare etc. For almost 300 years slaves had their children snatched. Lineage destroyed. Our language destroyed. Our true culture destroyed. No access to land in our original country, for some. America did this. Boy, when this country, its descendants and those who came after slavery to benefit from the surplus my slave ancestry created, when they have that last moment of life to be faced by God and know why they didn’t correct an injustice; their will be gnashing of teeth but finally recompense for the slaves gone and their DNA that still runs through our veins. The global warming is recompense. It’s wrath. It’s only a small portion of the vengeance yet to come. Birth pains.

  10. Catholic church got a lot of nerve calling abortions homicide after all the cases of sexual abuse and assault which has led to thousands committing suicide among other things.

  11. What proof do the CDC have to prove this vaccine for children. Was it tested on a group of children. If so was any of these children kids of CDC employee’s . We’re any of these children doctor Faucci’s children or grandchildren. How many doctor’s gotten there children vaccinated. How is it you want people to have there children vaccinated when your not giving people and parents. True info regarding all of the side affects that has or can occur. The only thing that The CDC and Dr. Faucci done was to ensure that they can’t get sue for the use and outcome of the vaccine. It is also the lie of Dr. Faucci ‘s and the doctors and the CDC. That children wouldn’t get covid. Now they want to vaccinate our children. Due to parents losing some children to death from Covid. Also , the increase of children getting hospitalize due to Covid. People are dying from Covid whether they are vaccinated or not. People are also getting sick with Covid whether they were vaccinated or not vaccinated. It appears that the vaccination hasn’t done it’s job of giving protection from Covid either way. Why now are you guys trying to offer it to children. When the hospital and doctor’s wouldn’t even diagnose the kids sick with Covid as having Covid. The doctor’s were calling it RSI instead. If the health department, doctor’s , Dr. Faucci along with the government become more truthful to the public regarding this whole Covid mess. Admit that they were wrong. Why should the public even consider much of what they are saying. They have been lying to the public for the sum of 1 year 10 months. They are quick to excuse all that has taken place. To avoid admitting that the vaccine isn’t working and that no vaccine will stop Covid period.