Lebanon crisis: What caused violence in the country? – BBC Newsnight

Lebanon crisis: What caused violence in the country? - BBC Newsnight

Newsnight reports from Lebanon after violence escalated over an investigation into last year’s devastating explosion at Beirut’s port. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

The tragedy of Lebanon has been unfolding for many months now, but the last week has seen an extraordinary new urgency to the violence. 

Gunshot on the streets is making some think back to the country’s decades long civil war.

The trigger for many was the enormous explosion at the port that killed more than 200 people in Beirut more than a year ago. 

Many were promised accountability, but that still hasn’t come.

Could Lebanon descend into a full-blown political crisis?

Newsnight’s Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban reports.

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  1. Christian snipers started shooting shia protestors and in return shia protestors brought out their arms and whooped their ass. Talking shit without being able to back it up has consequences.

  2. this is all the work of the Shiites. who deliberately wanted to create chaos and wanted to provoke a civil war in Lebanon. learn from history, and avoid bloodshed as before. as in the time of the Lebanese civil war in the era of the kateeb party or the terrorist phalanges

  3. My friend is stuck in lebanon, apparently its gotten to a point where 1 US dollar is 22,000 LP. They are on Generators and if they have no one in the outside world its like living in hell. I Donated almost $50 USD to her and she says Salary Wages is $50-100 USD a month.

  4. A single violent death inspires who knows how many to respond in kind? This type of shit has plagued humanity long before written history and still upends entire countries like dominoes falling one by one except for each one fallen a dozen more are added to the line of violence & death.

  5. Iran is the real cause of the destruction of some countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon so world leaders should stop them like Donald trump killed the head of Iran’s revolution guard in Iraq what was he doing in Iraq? For sure he was destroying Iraq with us army.

  6. wow what kind of racist framing is that BBC, bad Middle East government intervening and the wonderful Western countries helping and investing, no you lying propagandists, all the government's Middle Eastern or Western are intervening on their own political behalf and don't give a Flying F about Lebanon and Lebanese. This report was such racist propaganda, it's disgusting.

  7. The Middle East countries have been at war with each other since written history. It’s sad because it is a beautiful part of the world and the people there deserve peace and live in safety to prosper.

  8. Let's not beat around the bush or unfairly cast blame. Greedy, selfish, corrupt, egotistical politicians embezzling and ransacking government coffers is true source of problems.. everything else is a result of this.