The Truth About the Titanic: A Cold War Mission Kept Secret Until 2018

The Truth About the Titanic: A Cold War Mission Kept Secret Until 2018

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The truth regarding the 1985 expedition that eventually found the Titanic finally emerged in 2018. Declassified information meant that Robert Ballard could reveal that the team had in fact been part of a secret US military mission to investigate two sunken nuclear submarines at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Ballard would state: “They did not want the world to know that, so I had to have a cover story.” Back in the 1980s, Ballard was a commander in the US Navy and a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. Ballard had been building an underwater research vessel to realize his lifelong dream of finding the Titanic. It was his obsession…

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  1. Well before 1985, the submarine museum in New London, CT, USA had artifacts of a visit to the Scorpion wreck site including a Styrofoam cup that was in a cage on the outside of the submersible, it shrank to just larger than a thimble size from the sea pressure (and stayed that way) – but the writing inscribed on it was still readable.

  2. No one has been ravaging the Titanic at 12,000 feet. The resources necessary to reach it are only available to nation states and well-financed movie productions/billionaires. There are lots of wrecks reachable by divers, but not the Titanic.

  3. The strange thing around this is that the movie "Raise the Titanic" released in 1980 was a cold war mission under the cover of finding the Titanic…

  4. After this event happened in history we got social security allowing us to use credit. 2 important individuals keeping this from happening died on that ship. Coincidence?

  5. The titanic was switched with a sister ship that had collided with a navy vessel starting a fire that could not be extinguished on the ship thus setting in motion the largest insurance scam in history. The titanic actually lived a long life.

  6. Isn't it amazing how the Titanic is the most famous ship disaster in modern history, when The Wilhelm Gustloff went down in 1945 taking around 9,000 people?????
    Of course no one cares about those 9,000 people because they were all "the enemy".

  7. Thresher and Scorpion are the only 2 nuke subs we've ever lost. They used to be the last list of fatalities during the tolling of the boats until the San Francisco lost a crew member.

  8. The titanic was switched with a sister ship after the sister ship was hit by a military vessel damaging it starting an internal fire that could not be put out,it was the single biggest insurance fraud ever under taken,the titanic was insured for three times its value just before the fatal trip.

  9. 4:00 "He believed the Titanic wreck-site was located somewhere between the Thresher and Scorpion wreck sites."
    Utter nonsense
    While the Thresher sunk fairly close to the intended sea route Titanic was to have sailed on (outside the coast of Newfoundland) , the Scorpion sunk outside the Azores on the other side of the Atlantic nowhere near neither the Thresher or the Titanic for that matter. Scorpion is closer to Spain than Canada so this story is obviously FALSE.

    The Titanic's route across the Atlantic was nowhere near the Azores (the southernmost part of Europe) so how in the world would he search for the wreck of the Titanic there ??

    You'd better check your sources or verify the validity of what you claim before stating them as some sort of "The Truth".

  10. While I have always understood the teams' thoughts about leaving the wreck untouched, that was a mistake. Maritime law is quite specif on things like this. If they could have found something to identify the Titanic, they could have publicly claimed the wreck theirs and made it illegal for anyone else to pillage the wreck for souvenirs.

  11. Most of the women and children survived the Titanic sinking. High 90 percents of the upper decks especially.
    That means the men willing sacrificed their lives for the women and children.
    Take a look of the photos of the migrants fleeing Africa and the middle East and you will find the vast majority of them are men. Just look at the photo of the plane leaving Afghanistan with all the civilians. All men.
    Times have certainly changed, we have become alot more self preserving, barely thinking of others above our selves.

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