This Morning’s Top Headlines – October 22 | Morning News NOW

This Morning’s Top Headlines – October 22 | Morning News NOW

Actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots and kills a crew member on a film set, the FBI confirms that the remains found in a Florida nature reserve are those of Brian Laundrie’s, and the CDC authorizes booster shots for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccines. 

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  1. His parents should go to jail for obstructing justice ! They knew all along and wasted the FBI'S time.. and now they want to help when it suits them ??
    Isn't there a law against this … His parents are guilty in this also and should be convicted .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. One point five million unvaccinated illegals enter the country. Bubbling Biden and his Marxist friends DESTROYING the country, you report nothing but fluff and self flattery issues.

  3. Gaby potatoes family is grieving Gabby in a positive way of course they're making tons of money off a nonprofit organization there is no such thing as nonprofit organization

  4. Through out many years we are told we must be vaccinated for protection and each generation appears to get more variable ill conditions as never before,especially the poor and minority.I use to say I wish the media and politians would stop lying,be honest and change from the ways,but I realize that the majority will not.

  5. two reports published Monday, from Oxfam and public-relation firm Edelman, warned the widening gap between haves and have-nots since the global financial crisis is UNDERMINING Efforts to reduce poverty and FUELING the rise of populist politicians'. According to Oxfam, the scale of the problem is increasingly stark: just 62 people , OWN THE SAME WEALTH AS HALF THE PLANET . DAVOS, Switzerland- the world's political and business elite are being urged to do more than pay lip service to growing inequalities around the world as they head off for a week of WORLD ECONOMIC FURUM IN THE SWISS SKI RESOR OF DAVOS.

  6. Tired of all these Fake BS News. It's proven now that vaxx reduces your natural body immunity and most of them catches Covid then unvaxx. Congress and the Deep State are panicking for their lives and lies they are attempting to cover up because they are going after Steve Bannon.. lol. Truth will rule over propaganda. Truth Social will rule over all Big Tech.

  7. I was about crashing about of business when ☝️ ,when me stabilize my capital and funded my bitcoin binary account to make thing stabilize and now I am more than grateful for the help I got

  8. I say they paid a coroner for a dead body, gave dental records of the corpse to FBI, planted the remains and brians belongings. Then lead FBI to it. While Brian is in mexico or europe for weeks now. Thats my theory. Because of all the lead time the lies etc. Plenty of time to plot an escape.

  9. Mr.cuban…all that cursing isn't necessary! Unfortunately/fortunately I can't get the shot. iiiiiiiii, have serious health conditions to were I can't even get approved to take it and I'm trying to get my health fixed so I can now if you yt devils would stop your ignorant nonsense and fix my health I could, I'm just sick of hearing about the vaccine, thats all y'all folks talk about its repetitive and annoying that thats all we the people hear about and y'all news anchors think its funny…shame on you all! Just wait until the tables are turn Mrs. HELLO, god will deal with you all for all the wrong you do and continue to do…a disgrace.

  10. You don't get vaccinated to help you, you get vaccinated to help others…well since the vaccine supposedly helps the virus not effect you as much why don't the others just get vaccinated and leave the rest who don't want to get vaccinated alone and stop trying to shove an unsafe vaccine down folks throat…y'all don't do that with any other vaccine so why this one!?! Help it make sense!!!

  11. Mike Johnson: During our nationally televised House Judiciary Committee hearing today, Attorney General Merrick Garland repeatedly refused to answer my question of whether or not he would submit to an ethics review that everyone knows is clearly necessary.

    His controversial memo directing the FBI to target parents exercising their First Amendment rights at local school board meetings has raised many critical questions – not the least of which is the curious financial interests that his family has in the matter.

    Garland’s son-in-law co-founded an education company that peddles Critical Race Theory and “anti-racist” curricula – the exact cirrucula that parents across the country are protesting at their local school boards. Blundering biden continues