Air Burst Artillery – US Marines Call in a Shield of Fire: Battle of the Hook

Air Burst Artillery - US Marines Call in a Shield of Fire: Battle of the Hook

At the height of the Korean War, the United States and its United Nations allies successfully pushed back the North Korean and Chinese armies that threatened to take over South Korea.

However, this was not enough to stop the restless Chinese forces. Using overwhelming force and plenty of artillery, the Communists seized control of six outposts guarded by the outgunned and outmanned US Marines in October of 1952.

And just when everything seemed lost, and the Chinese were about to march into Seoul, the surviving Marines regrouped for one desperate last stand at a point known as the Hook.

The outcome of the Korean War now rested on their shoulders.

– As images and footage of actual events are not always available, Dark Docs sometimes utilizes similar historical images and footage for dramatic effect. I do my best to keep it as visually accurate as possible. All content on Dark Docs is researched, produced, and presented in historical context for educational purposes. We are history enthusiasts and are not always experts in some areas, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with corrections, additional information, or new ideas. –


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  1. Sucks we had to get involved in their conflict, nice how we pretty much made allies for life with South Korea. It's nice to have someone with you when you don't have to worry about them pulling their weight too. ROK Marines are such little bastards but make up for it with willingness to take things farther than some are willing.
    They were the 1st to offer their help but America turned them down like 3 times before finally relenting. That's a good thing to, every SOG team benefited from having a few ROK Marines tag along.

  2. While I enjoy your channel and episodes, I think it would be even better if you included maps. I wonder if i am just looking at stock combat footage or footage taken during the actual events.

  3. My grandfather was drafted and became a medic in this war… When I was 18, I was thinking about joining the army and he said “why the hell would you want to do that?” I just said it seemed like something I’d do well at. He said “you know, I went to war, if you end up on the front lines in a war, all your friends will die…” That was the only thing he ever told me about the Korean War besides one other story about being on patrol outside the wire and it being colder and darker than he’d seen in his entire life. After they got back to camp, he went to the medic tent and nobody was there. He turned around to walk out and an 11-12 year old boy tried to shoot him in the face with a .45… He said luckily it was a .45 because it’s hard to hit anything further than 10ft with that gun and even harder for children… I asked several other times about what he did there and he just said “there’s nothing to tell, war is terrible”… He’s still alive, but even more wouldn’t tell me a damn thing. He buried it the day he left and has had a grudge against the military ever since.

  4. … It's clear that American forces weren't fighting just the N. Koreans. They were fighting the Red Chinese too. If I were the CO of American forces, I would've taken no prisoners & executed all Red Chinese combatants and their commanding officers all the way up to their generals.

  5. How about the Marines at Hue, with Stanley Hughes making a command decision to change the ROE while getting the 1-1 and 2-5 pulling the hammer & anvil to destroy an entire NVA regiment south of the river.

  6. One cool air burst idea was with beehive rounds they set the fuse to detonate as soon as possible for large artillery it was called killer senior for the 155mm and killer junior for smaller 105mm. they would launch a green flare to warn friendly's what was about to happen and set the fuse for the minimum 100 meters and crank the guns down strait at the enemy like a shotgun. They came in 90mm for the m48 tank, 105mm for the m68 tank, 152mm for the m551 Sheridan, 90mm recoilless, 105mm recoilless, 105mm and 155mm artillery rounds, 2.75 hydras, 40mm grenade launcher rounds. And there are possibly .50 bmg rounds but not sure if that's just internet BS.

  7. And that…is why I'm proud to be a Marine Veteran. I'm still willing today, but not as able – but I still have a Marine OKC bayonet/fighting knife to affix to the end of my AR. Remember folks, together there's so much more we're capable of – rather than apart. If any of those folks on Jan 6th or the racists/WS start open hostilites, I've got a "present" for them. Arm up, stay vigilant.

  8. Wow, 3-4 outposts died to the last man. That's pretty brutal fighting. Every Marine a Rifleman…next time you're the at chow hall and don't like the cook's food, zip it because he may have to go save your ass one of these days, lol.