The Nero Decree – Hitler's Insane Order to Burn It All Down

The Nero Decree - Hitler's Insane Order to Burn It All Down

During the last months of World War 2, when it was evident that Nazi Germany had lost, Adolf Hitler issued a decree that would have surely doomed his own people.

In order to avoid benefitting the Allies as they advanced to Berlin, the dictator issued an order to destroy all German infrastructure at the expense of the country’s future.

Hitler’s “Nero Decree” was issued on March 19, 1945. The order was termed after the infamous, and some might say insane, Roman Emperor Nero who allegedly ordered much of his own capital burnt to the ground. Both possessed by paranoia and obsessed with conspiracies against them, the parallels between Nero’s and Hitler’s final days were stark.

Many of Hitler’s closest officials were convinced that the Nero Decree would bring devastating and pointless ruin. Albert Speer, Hitler’s Minister of Armaments and close friend, was left to carry out the task. To fail to do so would mean risking everything and committing high treason against the man Speer had been so devoted to for many years…

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  1. I do not believe Hitler killed himself. The picture the Russians
    showed of his corpse was absolitely not him. And why
    would they set his corpse on fire, when propaganda was
    the greatest tool of the communists…Hitlers body on display
    would be no different than how Stalin's corpse was displayed
    for all to walk by.

  2. You present Speer a bit to much as "the good nazi"
    Thats exactly what Speer wanted after the war. Sure he saved much of Germany of total destruction during the last weeks of the war and clearly wasn't the worst of the nazu government
    But he was still a nazu after all
    All the slaves in his factorys for example

  3. Another person who burned it all down was geoege washington. The natice americans gave him the name the "Village Burner". He would wait until all the men left the village and then kill and rape the women and old people left and even the children. But america just ignores this and says nazi germany is bad. But 500 years of racial oppression here is nothing compared to the few years nazi germany was in power.

  4. The whole world sees Hitler and the Nazis as war criminals, which they obviously were. But the truth is we have a large number of war criminals, even evil doctors that conduct wide scale experiments with untested medicines on unwhitting subjects, right here in the United States government today. I think its time we hold Nurenbergh 2.0 trials, before it gets much much worse. Prophanda, war crimes, treason, and criminality are present and widely spread through the government today. In many cases actually funded and ran by former Hitler youth such as Klaus Swabb, and Nazi collaborators such as George Soros.

  5. Speer did state that Hitler ordered everything to be burned down, then proceeded to cancel the order 17 times in the space of a week. Hitler himself was very on the fence about it. He was eventually persuaded not to go ahead with it. The argument was that if they retook the ground lost they would need the factories to continue fighting. Insane.

  6. Here's a scary thought what if Hitler at first had only attacked Russia and left he West alone. They probably would have over run Russia built up their army and went for the world

  7. I always wondered if the national regime wasn't so evil and insane ideology, would the Western powers accepted a deal with Germany to turn east and fight together against the soviet Union, just a thought but maybe it could have been possible.

  8. Love him or hate him, Albert Speer was ultimately loyal to the German people rather than the Führer. He had the wherewithal to realize that the supreme leader's mental state and capacity to command had severely diminished. The same can't be said about most other high-ranking Nazi officials and officers—most of whom followed Hitler to the grave through the same method as he.