Modern Marvels: How Edison Invented the Electric Light (S2, E22) | Full Episode

Modern Marvels: How Edison Invented the Electric Light (S2, E22) | Full Episode 1

Probably Thomas Edison’s best-known invention is the electric light. But the familiar light bulb is only the most obvious element of Edison’s accomplishment. He also created a delivery system for light, in Season 2, Episode 22, “The Electric Light.”

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  1. Wait! Did the narrator just talk about Micheal Faraday's work in the year 1931? How do you make mistake like that in post-production, let alone writing the script for the narrator to speak? Was it too expensive to get someone to proofread or proof-watch the final cut before it was sent on air?

  2. Theres a hidden lesson in this episode
    When your at the top of anything your a target everyone wants a piece of the pie and theyre willing to take a piece of your pie
    At the top means different things to different people
    For the drug addict on the street the dealer is at the top
    For politicians top of the game means the presidents office
    Point is when your at the top in 2021 your fortune is at stake and in some cases
    Ones very life is at stake
    If youve got something that is marketable etc. Its best to involve as few people as possible and only share info
    Offline with the few people that NEED to know

  3. Gotta love all the historically great inventors in the comment section criticizing Edison's work like he contributed absolutely nothing to society and stole everything smh.

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