Satanists win dress code discrimination battle with Pennsylvania schools

Satanists win dress code discrimination battle with Pennsylvania schools

A local organization called Satanic Delco has convinced Pennsylvania school district to remove ban on clothes that are ‘satanic in nature’

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Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative.
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  1. A local organization called Satanic Delco has convinced Pennsylvania school district to remove ban on clothes that are 'satanic in nature'

  2. Folks like to blame and worship Satan. Satan is not omnipresent, nor is he greatly powerful. Its the evil existing in the heart of men that men choose to live by which operates and expresses itself by choice of the individual. Evil men gather and create an image of Satan so they can place all evil on him. All Satan can do is to convince one to openly express the evil already exists and lurks in their hearts.

  3. Satan punishes Evil with Hell in the same Measure God rewards Goodness with Heaven. They even worked together in the Book of Job when Satan was first introduced into Canon.
    I can't take any "Christian" seriously who thinks Hell's Warden is Evil.
    Likewise, I absolutely hate these "Satanists" who falsely claim to hail Him yet commit every atrocity that only gives him more work to drudge through.
    That's like soiling the floors as a gift to your school Janitor. Not cool at all.

  4. Hold this beer while I clutch my pearls. Home school or let the beast do it, just don't whinge and whine. This is satans world and system keeping you alive.

  5. I think this is just a pr for a new game – diablo 2 ressurection, makes me want to go and kill and loot some weard sh** mobs in authentic settings.

  6. The irony in satanism is both hilarious and worrying. Majority of the time satanism is about rejecting religion. So instead of trying to understand why religion could be right they just fully embrace what religion thinks to be wrong.

    They worship the devil since they believe it to be fake, and use it as a tool to mock religion. But by worshipping the devil they prevent themselves from benefitting off any of the good understandings religion has created.

    All religions preach self control and how to maintain a healthy body and mind. Satanism is about desires and feelings and prevents self control and a healthy lifestyle.

    So although they're just acting to spite religion. They end up hurting themselves and actually become the literal version of the metaphors they're trying to make fun of.

  7. there is a time to tolerate things, but there are limits between discrimination and just pure evil… why on earth would i want my nephews and nieces to dress something satanic and embrace satanic doctrines.. this is insanity beyond insane.

  8. And people wonder why we are so fucked up! What happened to seperation of church and state? Satanism is an occult religious belief and has zero place in schools. Prayers was removed from the classroom, Bibles banned so don't tell me worshipping Satan is okay because it's not! Freaking Hippocrates!

  9. The best part is all the fear and hatred you see in response to a group who is fighting for the things Americans claim to hold dear, but they are terrified of the name. These people don't worship the Christian devil. They do not even BELIEVE in the Christian devil. The ignorance is as funny as it is scary..
    If you read the "Commandments" of the Church of Satan unlabeled, you will think it's the rules of the best new Christian sect, and a group that holds the govt accountable for upholding the constitution… ignorance is a sin

  10. You can't really blame Christians being afraid of what's happening to their country when there are literal self proclaimed "satanists" trying to spread their own misguided influence.