COP26 ends in disappointment after India blocks coal phaseout | DW News

COP26 ends in disappointment after India blocks coal phaseout | DW News

It was supposed to be the summit that would stop global warming. But now there’s deep disappointment, with environmentalists saying COP26 fell far short of the urgent action that’s needed. Negotiations in Glasgow went on beyond the deadline, as draft after draft came closer to producing a global agreement to restrict greenhouse gases. But the final document was met with anger after India scuppered its key provision – to phase out coal power.
Delegates did manage to come to an agreement at the end of the conference, which has been seen as a final hour, last ditch effort to stop catastrophic climate change.
Most countries agreed on new and more ambitious targets for reducing emissions. But the pledges fell short of what science says is needed to stop the world from heating beyond a dangerous 1.5 degrees Celsius.
India insisted on a last minute watering down of the final text, changing references of a coal phaseout to a phase down. And wealthy nations resisted calls to create a mechanism to compensate poor countries suffering the worst effects of climate change. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged countries to do more.
Leaders agreed to reconvene for talks in Egypt next year, where major emitters will be asked to present new targets. But with the goal of 1.5 degrees now on life support, activists say COP27 is already dead.


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  1. India has world's largest solar park.. I wonder what india can achieve with the money these wealthy nations have.. (Oh.. lets put that money to blame india for their one point which she disagrees)

  2. You don't keep us in NSG to opt for nuclear power that is productive and vastly less polluting. You are not even reaching your paris climate goals and India is the ONLY among G20 nations reaching its target. And now you want to shift our wrath for image crisis to India, than the real culprits. And now you want to bar their citizens to develop. Such hypocrisy, you really deserve an Oscar DW, BBC,etc

  3. Do not fear the army…. Worst they can do is to kill you……
    But do fear the media…… For that they will say twisted, half truth(=a lie)… And take away your honour….

  4. This sounds a lot similar to taxing everyone in the same tax slab. The west should stfu and completely stop its carbon emissions first. India 17% of world population yet it only contributes to 5% of the world’s Carbon emissions. USA, EU where u at with your hypocrisy?

  5. Rich countries hypocrisy they do more than 80% of polution and they developed their country and when India developed it's economy they teach us climate change. India do excellent work in renewable energy. We more and more solar plant. India is more concern about climate change. If we phaseout coal then how we produce electricity.

  6. It seems, the kowtowing of media to government's position isn't just a phenomena in authoritarian states. The reason, that India stopped the mention of coal, was it's insistence on using the word fossil fuels which was vetoed by the USA and E.U. The west does not want an equitable solution, it has and always will push the blame to the developing countries.

  7. Brahmins marry within the Brahmin community rejecting those from others as unsuitable for marriage or other close personal relationships. Brahmins separate themselves from the rest of society by themselves. Brahmins establish their own services, and maintain their own traditions and customs. By remaining in a reserve and in isolation, Brahmins preserve their cultures intact as long and protect them. Brahmins consider others as intellectually and socially equal. Brahmins resist integrating and completely merging with surrounding populations and stay homogeneous as distinct community within societies that have other practices and beliefs. Brahmins encourages community affiliation and bonding and encourages solidarity and ensures greater control over community resources.

  8. India is only country who came with idea of One World – One Sun to cover the whole earth for power and implemented but these developed countries will remain hypocrite at their core.

  9. Developed countries exploited natural resources for centuries to polish their economy n now when steps has to be taken they want developing nations to stop the coal use. Why others should pay for ur NONSENSE.?? WHY DON'T DEVELOPED COUNTRIES provide financial n technological help to developing countries so they shift from coal. But NO, HYPOCRISY is also IMPORTANT for US n EU.

  10. If all those men were gone along with their institutions and lobby groups, the world would finally start to fix itself. We dont need to do things, we need to stop doing most things.

  11. Climate change has occured due to past mistakes and greed of countries. How about we get data per capita for last 50 years and see who are top responsible nations? They should foot the bill for clean up and also support poor countries that are being affected due to their actions.
    Having said that countries like India, who still require coal and other fossil resources should make stringing and effective goals to reduce dependency on polluting and non renewable resources.