Sudan protests against military coup turn deadly | DW News

Sudan protests against military coup turn deadly | DW News

Witnesses say soldiers in Sudan have shot dead at least five people at a protest demanding an end to military rule. The Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera, …


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  2. World leaders must think hard about these copy cat military take overs, that work against the will of the people, because they have consequences that will spill over, will come knocking at their doors! The success of the coup in Sudan is definitely being supported, guided and supervised by military dictators in the region , there is so much at stake if the peoples revolution must fails! The price for failure has consequences not only for Sudan but for the struggle for Democracy on the continent rest of the world! Dont let this be another African Myanmar!

  3. In the last days perilous times shall come. We are in the end of end times.The wrath of God and the judgement day are fast approaching.The second coming of Lord Jesus is very near..

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  5. Yawn. Another day. Another coup or violent protest in Africa. An "injured" protestor making a cheeky smile with whiter teeth than me doesn't exactly scream OPPRESSED.

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