Can global warming be limited to 1.5 degrees after COP26? | DW News

Can global warming be limited to 1.5 degrees after COP26? | DW News

Environmental activists and developing nations have criticized the UN climate summit as a failure, saying the Glasgow agreement has fallen far short of what is necessary to prevent a climate catastrophe. Experts believe that, despite the pledges made at Cop26, global warming is still on track to be much higher than the 1.5 degree Celsius limit set in the Paris climate deal in 2015.
Not 24 hours earlier COP26 President Alok Sharma was fighting back the tears. The deal was done, but with watered down amendments from China and India on the phasing out of coal. And the goal of keeping the 1.5 degree target alive, seeming farther away than ever.
On Sunday, he said the coal giants had to answer to the smaller island nations at the forefront of the climate battle, fighting rising sea levels.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the agreement, but was disappointed it couldn’t go further on coal.
India was not willing to go there. Leaving the conference the environment minister claimed India remained committed to green energy. But his delegation had rejected the phasing out of coal, insisting the language was changed to phasing down.
The Glasgow document however is the first time ever that coal has even been mentioned in a UN climate agreement. The UN’s climate chief Patricia Espinosa said a compromise on coal beats no deal.
The Glasgow agreement claims to have kept the 1.5 goal alive. But that might not be enough for those already living with the disastrous effects of climate change.


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  1. Australia makes up 1.15% emissions with 0.29% of the world population
    India makes up 2.89% emissions with 18.2% of the world population
    Per capita, Aussie = 25.2 Indians
    Besides, Australia is NOT manufacturing industrial products for the world or itself like India.

  2. I'm relieved it failed. It's all a lie, follow the money. You can't fight Mother Nature. Islands are created, islands disappear. The end of the world is not coming. Fear is a powerful tool that is being used against you. Live your life, go live your best life.

  3. Who made the earth & everything in it? GOD. Who knows the problems of the world? God. Who then should be consulted on what should be done to save the world? GOD The Owner. How can we Consult GOD on How to Save The world? Reading His word in The Bible. What is the problem of the world? Sin. What is Sin? Transgressing Gods Holy law. If men now like in Nineveh where Jonah was sent could repent could the world also be forgiven and the wrath of God be removed? Absolutely. So what should we do? God gave us Jesus who died because of the Sins of the world. So Jesus is the solution? Yes. Only Him who reconciles us to the Creator of the World. Jesus the way the truth the life.
    Lord Save us from what is coming Amen.

  4. Why does COP fail. COP fails because it is setup to fail. What needs to be done to fix the problem? Immediately reduce fossil fuels and cut emissions to zero, end subsidies for fuels, pay the real cost of fuel, transfer the funds to renewable energy and pay damages for the most effected. This is a basic need to move forward. Because of the need for every leader to agree it takes just one leader to disagree to end the proposal or you need to green wash it to the lowest ambitious in the pack! This means you are always bringing agreements to the low bar, the low bar is always going to be nothing close to what is needed! That is why it fails! It has been setup too fail by people who want it to fail! You need too reach for the highest ambitions of the leaders who are prepared to do what is needed and implement those ambitions! A coalition of the real statesman! With the rest, you drag them along with incentives or sanctions! To consider this as a democratic process is a mistake. It is a moral choice of right or wrong! The question is that do you want to leave the most important action that mankind needs to take to leadership with the least ambitions? Because that's precisely what you're doing!

  5. If we take CO2 emissions per capita , India is not even in top 100 countries list. Then everyone wants to stop Coal based electricity production in India. This is just a blame game.

  6. If there was a sort of Manhattan Project sense of urgency and money investment in nuclear fission (newer techs, like passive safety, modular reactors, fast breeders, etc) and fusion (give the same amount of money given to ITER to several other promising Fusion projects), the climate crisis would be over

  7. Climate change, how did global warming morph to climate change?
    Has the same news repeated in the past decades??

    Shall we check numbers?
    Choose any search engine, yahoo, bing or G
    Search for, ( earth atmosphere content , pie chrt) choose any 3 results, it will be Nitrogen 72%, Oxygen 16%, Argon 1%, is co2 missing? CO2 an be found in trace gas section, CO2 content is 0.048
    This trace gas is responsible for all life and all food chains on earth. Responsible for all meats, grains and fruits we eat. Global warming today is a trillion $ industry.
    All leaders have to fly first class to the first world, meet at a 7 star resort and sign a treaty and drink wine and whiskey, it only costs tax payers a few million $

    Trace gas CO2 (0.048%) can only have trace effects on earth atmosphere

  8. Western countries polluting environment since 100 years and they grew based on coal based energy and now lecturing developing economy who just startes polluting the to get some growth ⛔⛔

  9. Failure?? Couldn't be further from the truth, because the Globull warming con job continues.
    2020 saw an UNPRECEDENTED 5.4% drop in human CO2 emissions, yet atmospheric levels still INCREASED. So, how did the AGW Cult's "experts" EXPLAIN AWAY that fact? Apparently, NATURAL VARIABILITY suddenly awoke, to take up the slack.

  10. If we want to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius, rich countries would have to reduce emissions by 8-10 % every year untill net zero. Global emission reduction in 2020 was 6%. This year we're back to pre-pandemic levels of emissions. There are practically no solutions to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. Why? Because of our economic model, grow or die. In other words neoliberalism.

  11. If the intent is to reduce CO2 or other emissions all countries around the world should change the production model. It is unthinkable to discuss continuously about CO2 emissions or climate change sustaining MADE IN CHINA production. Solar panels or alternative energy source is just a tip of a giant iceberg.