CrossTalk Bullhorns: Energy crisis, really?

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Energy crisis, really?

There are growing indications that Washington isn’t finished with Afghanistan just yet. Military involvement has come to an end, but not engagement. Also, we are told there is an energy crisis. Maybe this is part of the “Great Reset.”

CrossTalking with Marcus Papadopoulos and Patrick Henningsen.

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  1. I think Marcus is over optimistic about USA and UK in terms of their withdrawal from Afganistan…. Just say what it is, utter defeat and humiliation, don't give them fantasy twist.

  2. That's a far fetch analysis by Marcus. You think the Taliban will be that dumb enough to be America's agent when they already had talks with their neighbors. Russia, China, Pakistan, and Iran. Afghanistan will be isolated or even invaded and be craved up by the four and cease to exist. The reason why the American started the peace talk was because Afghanistan was a slow bleed. Marcus doesn't see the big picture only the small numbers as he pointed out. Taliban knows that America doesn't keep its words, so it makes Marcus analysis even more far-fetched. The talks that Marcus brought up between the Taliban and the American and British intelligence agencies for is about their letting them keep some of their CIA/Special Forces to operate in the Southwestern part of Afghanistan to train the balochistan separatists. Maybe the Taliban gave them a limited amount of time, until the end of the year maybe. Because China and Pakistan will not put up with this if it is left to fester for years.

  3. Marcus is absolutely right, and the proof is that the NATO Governments and the MSMedia didn't take the over night withdrawal of Bagram into account!
    They left a important security factor (support of the Troops in Kabul, second airport from which a massive amount of equipment could be withdrawn, extraction of civilians) was completely left out, while a show was staged and a Intelligence operation too!

  4. Marcus is giving too much credit to the incompetent fools. Is Saigon also a concious withdrawal?
    The truth is they got kicked out.
    After the debacle, ok let's regroup. We are out, now let's just sow chaos.

    Just like the US is paying $1000 per China bashing article in Zimbabwe.

  5. Some historians suggest that the invention of the steam train brought on the first world war. The maritime empires saw it as a threat and their solution was world war in order to make the land routes unreliable as competition.

  6. What you're seing in Afghanistan right now is US saying; "if I can't have it no one will".. This is Syria 2.0 folk when US sided with isis, funded them and trained them against the Syrian govt and against Iranian interest there. The same is the case here, US funding the "sunnis Isis against the Shittes to frustrate the Iranian interests in Afghanistan"

  7. To control the world by the Old World Order! This is about Control of everything you do/can do! I’m going to say this until I’m blue in the face; This is our current government's today. “We know they are lying; they know they are lying; they know we know they are lying; we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying, and they don’t care that you know!” If anyone can believe this Administration

  8. If the US and the UK want to have influence with the Taliban, then why did the US freeze billions of Afghanistan's money when that money is needed to help the people with basics like food?