Fantastic Beasts And The PROBLEM With Prequels

Fantastic Beasts And The PROBLEM With Prequels

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In today’s modern age, it seems we’re in a transition from the sequel era into the prequel era. Movies like Fantastic Beasts, Alien Covenant, and Black Widow have been made to take audiences back to the inception of their favorite franchises. But theres one big issue with prequel films like Fantastic Beasts, trying to create new adventures within stories we already know.

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Written by Mark Rennie
Edited by Dan Smiley


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  1. Prequels are super uninteresting to me. I can't think of one that I particularly love, nor one that I'd wish to see. I kinda wish Hollywood would cool it with the prequels.

  2. I actually really liked Monsters University. Are there plot holes? Yes.
    Do I like the workaround they made at the end to tie them to where they were at the start of the first movie? Also, yes.

  3. Well on the contrary, I love the movies I love that the protagonist is just a introverted lead involved in the schemes of people that are shaping the magical world but in an indirect way, that in the HP movies we didn’t know that Newt had so much involvement but now we do, these movies are: Newt and his point of view but is the story about how Dumbledore saved the magical
    World from Grindelwald. Theses is not just about magical beasts or Hogwarts, is Dumbledore story and to me as fan I find that so interesting to see, and see it thought Newt’s eyes

  4. I enjoyed the first Fantastic Beasts movie but the second was dreadful.
    Complete setup for future films, they seemed to want to tie in with Harry Potter too much and they basically sidelined the main character. I'll watch the next instalment but for the first time I'm not excited to see it.

  5. Well bumblebee is an anomaly because its a great film that was what transformers should have been it was far from a soulless cash grab but either way i agree with this whole video

  6. J K Rowling seems to have a compulsion to connect all stories at any cost. Fantastic Beasts could have been a fantastic spin-off series. Or maybe she could have written multiple standalone stories without restriction from the existing series.

  7. tbh when i read HP then watched the movies. i always felt if 'Fantastic beast and where to find them' really existed as a book, it will be an awsome book. even better than the HP book series. It will be a book about exploration, adventure, and all other beautiful things. we all might have watched documentaries about the ocean, we see how amazing some creatures from the ocean can be: unique, queer, beautiful, extremely large, small etc. i honestly thought or rather hoped magical creatures might even up this scale.
    But i was extremely Disappointed. There was not enough beasts, nor where there sufficient habitats for the beasts. instead of a movie showing the uniqueness of beasts that are FANTASTIC. they tried to make the People Fantastic. so my Fantasy was crumbled.

  8. Hey! Monsters University, Bumblebee and X-Men First Class were good movies people! Hell Bumblebee is the ONLY GOOD live-action Transformers movie and we all know it. Seriously, the clown who did this video didn't watch those movies.

  9. Fantastic Beasts is not a prequel. Its a story set in the same world in an earlier period that has no real relation to the main story.

    A prequel would have to involve Harry's Parents or Voldemort, i.e be the story of Voldemorts rise to power.

  10. 2:22 desperate? not really.
    – Monsters University is pretty much just good outside of its amazing ending
    – X-Men: First Class is good
    – Bumblebee is the best of the live-action Transformers movies
    – Minions….sucks

  11. Sigh. George Lucas should've never gone with the prequel idea. How much better film history would've turned out had he just done the sequels himself back in 1999 instead of handing it off to Disney.