Germany's record coronavirus numbers: What went wrong? | COVID-19 Special

Germany's record coronavirus numbers: What went wrong? | COVID-19 Special

Germany has never had as many coronavirus cases as it has now. Until now, Germany has done well compared to other European countries. In the summer, the pandemic looked like it was under control. Not any longer. German hospitals are filling up – mainly with the unvaccinated.
So, what went wrong? A dramatic surge in infections has a lot of people asking, is it better to stay home, do I really want to get on a train right now, and will there be another lockdown? There are so many Germans out there who haven’t had a single vaccination shot.
As of this week, only vaccinated or recovered people are allowed into restaurants or museums in Saxony. The new rules are intended to slow the steep rise in COVID cases in the region. The vaccination rate in Saxony is far below the national average.
It is the latest attempt to turn the tide in Saxony. And the latest COVID winter in Germany has just begun.


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  1. I am not criticizing any leader and any country but it the very beginning there was a lot of scaremongering going around from leaders of many countries and I reckon now this come to the consequences that should have been more positive but at the Beginning it was political so you have this problem now and I blame the leaders of many countries I'm not naming any Pacific countries

  2. My colleague, a doctor – a vaccine non believer – before he died, told me that he regrets not getting the jab. Back in May, 8 had COVID, 7 vaccinated, 1 was not, the doctor. All 7 of them had mild to no symptoms. The doctor suffered for 3 weeks and eventually, died.

  3. This is no problem of desadvantage, but of education and mental capacity. Let them sign up, that they renounce at medical treatment in hospital and foremost in UCIs. Then, from my part, everybody can do, what they are happy with. The virologue and politician Karl Lauterbach once said, that in spring 2022 there will be vaccinated, recovered and unfortunately many dead people. So let everybody decide himself, to which group he likes to pertain – as long as he or she doesn´t claim medical resources , other people need and have paid for.

  4. I'm vaccinated, I also have commorbidities (that's why I got Vaxxed), Got Covid recently and is perfectly fine.

    My brother who hasn't got the vaccine got the bad symptoms still coughing at this moment. I got my symptoms 1 week later than my brother's but he still got cough now.

  5. Ivermectin disqualifies cv19 vaccines from Emergency Use Authorization. The eligibility criteria of a product to apply for EUA is the disease may cause an outbreak, epidemic or pandemic and no product is available capable of eradicating or preventing the disease, which Ivermectin is. Therefore vaccine developers played Ivermectin down from the get go. They always knew it was a show stopper. If it can be proven that they knew, they are liable for Geonicide. A lot of skin in the game. VP Kamala's husband was a lawyer for Merck. It would take a class action suit to get any results, and they know it and they knew it worked. They cannot allow it to be proven so by wide spread use like in India. So all the deaths from Covid are happening just so they can get Emergency Use Authorization. In fact, allowing your body to survive cv19 with ivermectin allows it to gain natural immunity making ivermectin better than any vaccine.

  6. Now is a good time to realise that the vaccine has failed miserably and that we must continue searching for other alternatives such as prevention, protection and yes, re-enforcing the immune system.

  7. What went wrong? The herd didn't wake up yet. They are still asleep thinking our health authorities are there for us. Yeah, right! They are lying with numbers. Numbers come from Bingo hall.

  8. Vaccinated people are creating more virulent varieties
    Vaccinated people are spreading the disease because they don't think they are a threat or they just don't care about other people

  9. I hate when people keep saying that "my body, my choice" when it comes to vaccination. Of course you have control over you body, but if you get infected, you also put other people lives at risk too.

    Vaccination is not just for you but also for the whole society as well. Don't you get that.

  10. What’s truly happening out here in Germany is that many vaccinated people are getting sick. More than 60 % of the population in Germany is already fully vaccinated. Yet they blame the unvaccinated.

  11. It is a politic virus. You give your freedom away out of fear. You should be concerned about this experimental injectible medicin. Specially for your kids