Japan's sudden coronavirus success puzzles experts

Japan's sudden coronavirus success puzzles experts

Daily new COVID-19 cases have plummeted in Japan and the mood is celebratory, despite a general bafflement over what, exactly, is behind the sharp drop. (Oct. 18)

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  1. In Japan, there are many people who can draw simple manga.

    From August to September, there were many manga posted on Twitter about Corona's experience, drawn by the person himself.

    Reading those cartoons made me think that I would never want to be infected with corona!

  2. The associated press is covering up stories revealing the falsehood of the covid vaccine. They have lost all respect and their stories are lies and mean nothing

  3. Well, unlike those idiots who take off their masks and go to parties and clubs just because the lockdown is over, the Japanese wear their masks long after they've been vaccinated and keep a distance from people. And they always remember to wash their hands and disinfect them, so they're always clean.

  4. I believe it is the result of three combined facts that are 1- Health food consumption 2- Physical activities and 3-Obedience to protocol and advices from government.

    1-That is true that vaccine is an important fact that helps people to fight against COVID-19 desease, but it will be more effective by eating food that has prenty nutrients, especially those that have high degree of vitamin D and C(cheese, fish, eggs, brown rice, rice, green vegetables, red fruits, orange, eggplant, tomato, and all kind of vegetables). Those foods help to improve our immune system.

    2- In order to be healthy, we need to move our physical body. Caring things, running to one place to other place fast, and putting things inside of the box are some activities that we do in our jobs that helps our body healthy. Since Japan didn't have lockdown, most of the people has kept working and, it has helped them to not get so much stress as much as those in American continent that chose to stop working during pandemic period. As many of you know, stress decreases our immune system and weaken immune system lead people to have struggles to fight against any desease, especially this one. That is why it is important to keep our body moving.

    3-Protocol should be obeyed so that we can protect ourselves against this desease. Habits like desifecting our hands before shopping and eating in pubs are very important even after getting second dose of vaccine.

  5. That's certainly understandable. They didn't allow moochers to constantly cross their borders, bringing more of it in every day. If we closed our borders the virus would subside and our debt wouldn't continue to rise.

  6. The more lockdowns and restrictions a country has the worst covid becomes, scandinavia is an even better example than japan that freedom is not negotiated even on an apocalyptic class crisis

  7. I moved from the US to Japan last year and this is no surprise. People are generally more cautious against infectious diseases and there is not many “my body! My right!” type of people in Japan.

  8. Ivermectin has saved the day over there. Funny how the order to make it available and then a sudden downturn of cases can't be recognised by anyone who's institution is bought and paid for by big pharma. Headlines should be cheap drug massively reduces covid cases and deaths.

  9. No, the key phrase was 70% vaccinated particularly among young people and everyone wears masks, lol. People, as in the person below live in a dream world where facts and analysis don't count.

  10. Actually Japan records 26,000+ new cases of Covid on 22nd Of August, but then now the new cases is now below 500. Impressive! I wish my country can do that too.

  11. The previous prime minister Suga succeeded in gathering enough vaccines, and most of us don’t mind wearing a face mask even now. In addition, a deity which is called Amabie seems to have protected us, though it’s a superstition.

  12. Japanese doesn't mind wearing masks all the time as most Asian countries are and vaccination rates are high plus, they do take off their outside shoes before entering their house which is very hygienic. So all of these practices that are commonly accepted by their people truly helped them fight infection unlike the West which likes to politicize everything.