Thousands protest Austria's COVID lockdown for the unvaccinated | DW News

Thousands protest Austria's COVID lockdown for the unvaccinated | DW News

Austria went into a new pandemic lockdown at midnight on Sunday night – but only for its unvaccinated population. It’s in response to a record surge in COVID-19 cases that the government says threatens to overwhelm intensive care units. For ten days, millions of people will be required to stay at home – unless their journey is deemed essential. Crowds took to the streets of the capital, Vienna, to protest what they say is a vaccine mandate by the back door.
They chanted for their freedom outside a fortified Chancellery – but under the new measures they will have to stay home.
The protestors were there to make their hostility to the new lockdown heard. But in a country entering a fourth wave of the COVID pandemic – not all are opposed.
Speaking on Sunday the country’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer had a stern warning to the Austrian people.
63 percent of the population have currently had both jabs, with Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg calling on those still unvaccinated to take up the offer of a shot.
Those who currently haven’t received two jabs will only be permitted to leave their homes for work and carry out essential tasks such as shopping and attending medical appointments.
The announcement follows a record surge in COVID infections and government concerns hospitals could become overwhelmed.


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  1. You have a right to decide what to do with your body so long as others bodies are not affected.natural selection is taking its toll on Europeans.we here in pakistan got rid of covid through vaccinations and lock downs.natural selection really is true.

  2. Did IQ drop sharply while i was away? They say both vaccinated and unvaccinated carry the disease. So they will NEVER stop corona from spreading. This is a police state's wet dream. Total control over its population.

  3. a lot of my co-workers got covid several days after jab. one man is hospitalized (several months after full cours of jabs). several jabed tested no antibodies at all!!! it's effectivness is under doute! and still they call us antivaxes!!!

  4. Alexander schweinberg you are going against the human rights, that means soon you and all peope who are forcing people to get vaccinated or lockdown people for no reason will get punished by the law, it will take some time but we will get there soon,. You dont get to decide if somebody is going to get vaccinated, its the people who work harder than you, who have their own rights to say NO TO VACCINE. If you wants to save people's lives you can stay home and dont get out.