We need to talk about Honesty | with Greta Thunberg

We need to talk about Honesty | with Greta Thunberg

Juice Podcast 26: In which I chat with Greta Thunberg about the importance of honesty in the fight for real climate action, her experience of COP26, climate justice, equity, her advice to parents and children who experience anxiety about the climate crisis. Plus other important issues… like how much Greta 💛s the Honest Government Ads.

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00:00 Giordano Intro
02:14 Greta welcome
03:30 Review of COP26
06:12 Honesty in the climate crisis
08:36 Greta’s cameo
10:21 Have your views changed?
12:56 Listen to the science!!
13:47 Greta’s sources on the science
15:54 Greta’s thoughts on Australia
17:18 Children and climate anxiety
20:05 Redefining ‘Hope’
23:55 The importance of Democracy
26:16 The importance of Equity and Climate Justice
30:55 Indigenous peoples leading the fight
35:19 The UN court case
36:43 Farewell Greta
38:07 Giordano Conclusion

🔹 Fridays for Future: https://fridaysforfuture.org
🔹 School Strike 4 Climate (Australia): https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com
🔹 The UN Petition metnioned: https://twitter.com/GretaThunberg/status/1458481500060532738?s=20
🔹 Greta’s article about honesty: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/oct/21/climate-leaders-cop26-uk-climate-crisis-glasgow

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  1. Climate control the stupidest thing in the world greta Thunberg is honestly one of the most stupidest people in the world we are not gonna die in like 50 years we’re probably gonna die in like 500 I’d rather have that than anything

  2. I always thought this channel was full of shit and just another woke leftard agenda pushing piece of propaganda – this podcast without even watching it past the intro it shows me I was clearly right! Only a brain dead muppet would believe in athropogenic climate change being caused as a result of CO2 – it's just a system of control, we the elites can have as much energy as we like but you peasants have to ration your energy usage! Meanwhile those that push this agenda are the worst offenders of real pollution etc! You're most likely all for the collectivist technocratic global new world order as well! Unsubbed from your shit woke channel!

  3. As so many ppl argue the voice of a young girl isen't able to provide significance or wisdom – i would highly appreciate to hear that level of meaning, context and even syntx from a politican. And rly i didn't find much from all this highly trained people with a huge group of experts for every possible topic at hand.

    Actually i have two politicans in mind(international) that at last can shape clear lines – and not many more manage the same thing with the help of a telepromter and a writen script.

    I don't shoulder the worlds survival on one girls shoulders. She could be payed for all of this, do it for the wrong reasons, be biased or be the child of Satan and Adolf Hitler. All of this don't matter, as the things she's talking about are simply right&relevant. If there's anyone who need to blame this person for being to young or anything else – okay. But it's simply no arguemnt of any kind. Choosing this point is the honest proove to have no arguments at all.

  4. I love your "ads" as they are funny and it never hurts to jab at governments. The problem here is that GT is a government shill and not a serious information source for solutions. She's propaganda for the "Green Movement" that is bullshit from the git-go and just as corrupt as governments are because it is all about money and power. There are serious solutions to pollution and having clean energy efficiency, but no one in "the movement" want to address them. The only damned thing they can talk about is solar and wind power, which in both cases are non-sustainable as far as energy goes and for starters can be done using our existing internal combustion engines. Hydrogen, Methane, Ethanol, Bio-fuels from vegetation like hemp, etc. Our electricity should be nuclear. Get over your fear of nuclear for crying out loud. It has been the safest industry thus far from accidents when you consider that other industries have had many accidents that just don't get reported by the media. Beside, there are so many new advancements being made for different types of nuclear energy production that simply need a little help from proper funding. Molten Salt is one such type. It's been around since the 60's at Oak Ridge National Labs before being shut down by Nixon in favor of fast breeder reactors out in his home state of California, but just so you know, there was a small scale working mode that was in play for a couple of years. The inventors just never got a chance to finish it because of politics and corporate greed. Literally, they would start it up on Monday morning and shut it down on Friday for the weekend. You can't do that with traditional reactors as this needed no water coolant, because the "salts" were both the coolant and the source of fuel. No chance for proliferation and any "accident" is very unlikely and is safe by means of a simple "freeze plug" that drains the salt/fuel from the reactor. This has been hidden from the people, as are the dozens of other nuclear types being developed that also receive very little funding or attention. The MSR is also considerably more efficient in producing electricity than the traditional fast breeders are. That being said, nuclear energy by far out performs other methods and produces no emissions. The grand total of "nuclear waste" in the US would fit inside a standard gymnasium and the MSR's would actually be able to deplete the stockpiles of waste by burning it up. There are other energy methods available that if only government and corporate monsters would leave well enough alone, could and should be developed. Solar and wind are wasteful and need lots of energy to produce and dispose of that makes them not very green. And using forestry for "bio fuels" is insane since, if CO2 emission reduction is really important, makes no since as the trees use about 48 lbs of CO2 per year and converts to oxygen. Climate Change is a government orchestrated scam same as the "pandemic" as it is all about control and is a distraction. Get rid of government chem trails, water and soil pollution. If you want more info on the Climate Scam check out CDN (https://www.youtube.com/c/CDN_ClimateDN) for an honest education on the subject.

  5. I wonder if young Greta was watching Russia shelling an operational nuclear power plant. Regardless of power level, all plants have spent fuel pools that must have continuous cooling to prevent melting down. Sweden is very close to where the war against nuclear plants is occurring as I write this. If the Russians drain a spent fuel pool that will dwarf her little climate crisis. Wonder if she has given that any thought. Nuclear Winter? How Dare You Blah Blah Blah

  6. A child made you think that? Or did a child saying these things actually just intimidate your feeble mind into thinking a plainly obvious fact. And thus you were forced into believing a child is somehow the path to some kind of resolution? The aim is to get these wankers to not lie PERIOD. No need for the specificity.
    It’s also weird to say to a child that they can swear when they’re likely being taught the opposite at home; not to mention she unlikely even understands the meaning of half of the foul language one could use.
    Her objective statement is an impulsive and idealistic one. She has no idea what is a big and little step. Will she shut up when we stop driving all our cars tomorrow? Or do we have to stop coal production overnight?
    Might as well let an asteroid hit the planet.

  7. There is proof of Cloud Seeding to create rain & floods in Australia. Poor Greta is being used by Wealthy Globalists to help them create more wealth for themselves.

  8. Commenting for the algorithm. It’s an impressive performance by someone who has an amazing intellect and is able to respond to a wide range of questions.

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