Mega Disasters: Oil Apocalypse (S2, E11) | Full Episode

Mega Disasters: Oil Apocalypse (S2, E11) | Full Episode 1

The oil that our world runs on won’t last forever. The gap between supply and demand is ever increasing. Will alternative energy save us or is it already too late? Find out more in Season 2, Episode 11, “Oil Apocalypse.”


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  1. They don’t mention how much steel is needed to create a single windmill. Steel requires extreme heat to produce. The only clean option that is sustainable is nuclear. It’s 2021 not 1987. If the amount of research that’s put into inconsistent and no sustainable energy like solar and wind were put into nuclear development and safety, there wouldn’t be a question about which power is the best.

  2. This is B.S. The United States has the largest reserve of Oil, we just have not tapped it yet. We will NOT run our of oil. The massive wealthy Oil Companies will never, ever let that happen. They are just too powerful.

  3. It's all a lie! Green energy is not green. Nuclear power has proven itself to be a disaster. The technology has been kept secret that would replace oil. It's all about money and control. If they can't put a meter on it, it goes bye bye.

  4. Wow this is crazy I actually contacted BP Corporation to give them an idea which was ingenious but a simple way the plug the holes.. they wanted me to go through all these channels and fill out tons of paperwork I didn't want to do that I told them I didn't want a dime just to take the idea and run with it I hope to God they did it and it worked.. because there's 386 more platforms with the same design and no contingency plan.. it's not a question of if it's a question of when it will happen again

  5. Another issue with the oil crisis is that when a Refinery gets low they cap it off and they call it a reserve the fact of the matter is it takes a generator which needs to be supplied with fuel to pump the rest out which is probably $100 worth of fuel for the generator pump out $50 worth of oil

  6. Apocalypse

    An apocalypse is a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge. In religious concepts an apocalypse usually discloses something very important that was hidden or provides a "vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities".

  7. A claim that President Joe Biden is pushing for an oil pipeline deal with the Taliban after scrapping the Keystone XL pipeline project has whipped around social media, stoking anger toward Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The “Taliban pipeline deal” appears to refer to a project known as TAPI that is supposed to move natural gas through Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. So instead we’re gonna go back to polluting with tanker ships bringing oil in from other countries…. so pay more money pollute more and politicians pockets get lined (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden’s promised ban on new oil and gas drilling on federal lands would take years to shut off production from top shale drillers because they already have stockpiled permits, according to Reuters interviews with executives.

    But smaller independent oil drillers without the resources of big corporations were more worried about Biden’s vow to toughen regulations and stop issuing new permits on federal lands, part of his sweeping plan to combat climate change and bring the economy to net zero emissions by 2050.
    So instead we’re gonna go back to polluting with tanker ships bringing oil in from other countries…. so pay more money pollute more and politicians pockets get lined

  8. Do you people see now how MASSIVE sleepy Joe Biden's stroke of his pen made the keystone pipeline and cheaper gas a "once was" idea. Poor Trump. Did so much and still hated. Meanwhile the real terrorists are back in the white house. And the ignorant have been fooled.

  9. The US has enough oil beneath its soil to supply the US indefinitely. The problem is the environmentalist low life trash. Also, we can always heavily colonize the continent of Africa again and put a bunch of large straws into the ground. The problem there would be finding enough people who are not dumb and lazy.

  10. You know why the government is pushing electric cars? Because we have to burn coal and oil to generate the electricity you get from your house and lithium mining is insanely toxic

  11. It boggles me that people say "but it takes tons of oil to make EVs and to mine lithium"… That's because our infrastructure isnt upgraded to electric powered machinery to do it! Theyre designing 18 WHEELERS as heavy as they are to be powered by electricity. Batteries are evolving to store more energy and more quicker. Yes, there is a lot of improvements needed, and electricity cant be used for powering 100% of everything, but just look how far we've come since this video was made.. The 300 mile range 0-60 in 3 secs Tesla was thought to be impossible back when this video was made.. The fact is, now Wind and Solar power has gone way up since this video. Some states like Kansas and Iowa get 40% of their power from the Wind now. 80% of power generated in Maine is from renewable sources now, and we are in a list of states that are all pledging to be 100% renewable powered grid by 2050. It simply comes down to money. Solar and wind are now the cheapest forms of power now, and oil and coal are more expensive.. The doomsday apocalypse fear mongering back in the 90s and 00s seems to be working, cause we may be adverting away from this future economic disaster hopefully.

  12. There was never a return to cheap oil!
    In 1976, when a gallon of gas cost 60 cents us, I forfit my Driver's until the price of gas goes back to 23.9 cents a gallonI
    am still holding out!

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