Severe weather threatens millions across the nation

Severe weather threatens millions across the nation

Residents on the East Coast are now bracing for the season’s first nor’easter, as severe weather threatens tens of millions of Americans from the Pacific Northwest to New England. CBS news lead national correspondent David Begnaud reports on the impact of a record-breaking bomb cyclone on the West Coast, and CBS news meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli joins Elaine Quijano on CBSN to discuss the severe weather across the nation this week.

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  1. I lived through the drought in the 70's in California. This seems like it is worse than that. Our well went dry in the Calif Foothills during that time. I pray for Calif.

  2. folks what else do we need to know about what climate change is doing to us? this is really serious. I have been in a Northeasterly in Maine it was the scariest I ever experienced. My car was over wheel well in water and the building I lived in was swaying with each wind. I thought I was done. If we do not do anything about this we are going all die. We cannot compete with these weather forces……………. I don't beleive we can…….

  3. This has happened before. Remember the ice age? Maybe the Earth goes through cycles, like winter to spring then back to winter. That isn't climate change. I do believe in being conscientious, though.

  4. And meanwhile, thousands of additional "migrants" are heading up to Brandon's open borders, soon to be living in a town near you. COVID-19 is optional.

  5. It's called the fall season, ie, things must fall. By thiz time of the year, folks in the big central valley should have seen a massive parade of tornadoes from texas to north dakota, from colorado to virginian boders, not counting the heavy monsoons in the gulf states. People can soon blame RS for sending the siberian air express into the plain this year. A low tornado season means a higher probability of a bitter and longer winter. Those winter crops in deep south better watch out.

  6. This is not "climate change." This is of God. These are signs of the soon return of Christ, which he open told his church to watch for. Repent and believe in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sin.

  7. -But for you who fear My Name, the Sun of Righteousness will Rise with Healing in His Wings. And you will go Free, Leaping with Joy like calves let out to pasture.
    Malachi 4:2

    Jesus has already Spoken about these things. The world is just like He described. The world is Ending and we won't be troubled."
    -says My Bride, who is Made in My Image

    "If you are use to the traditional has No value. I Will be your Shelter"
    -says Jesus, the Defender and Protector of mankind

    " you have a Holy Bible?"
    -asks the Lord, the Living Word

    -Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.
    Luke 21:10-11

    "All Prophecy shall Come to pass"
    -says Me, the Word of God

    "Behold..My Bride has Opened Me and Received Me.
    The End Result…the Glory of God.
    Once you decide to have My Life…You shall Receive My Life. I Give it All to you."
    -says the Lord, the very Spirit of Life

    "You have received Divine Protection, just as I have received Divine Protection"
    -said the Lord, my Permanent Place of Safety

    With my Freedom to Choose, I Chose to Believe.
    Christ is my Supernatural Protection…I don't know about others.

    Signs in the earth as well as in Heavenly Places.

    "Signs Everywhere"
    -proclaims the Lord of lords

    A Divine Evacuation happening NOW…

    I Have Come Forth
    -says Jesus, the Christ

    To All Nations:
    "I Am the One who Loves you and Gave His life for you. Because the Standard to enter into Heaven is Absolute Perfection, I died for you. Salvation is Simple. Someone took your punishment for you. That's what Salvation is all about. Salvation is hid in Christ. I Am the Christ..Your Light has Come. -says the Risen One

    "This is Peace and Safety..He who Dwells in the Shadow of the Most High. The Kingdom of God is open to everyone. And My Love for you is Real. Come to Me. Believe in Me. Come all who are Hungry and Thirsty…Come, and I will pour My Heart out to you. You are Welcomed at All Costs. Come…"
    -says the Hope of the world, JESUS

    "All that you Need pertaining to Life and godliness, I have Provided in Christ" -says God, the Father
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    -says God, the Provider
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    The End.
    The End Times of Jesus Coming are Here.