COVID latest: Germany hits another infection high +++ Singapore makes unvaccinated pay medical bills

COVID latest: Germany hits another infection high +++ Singapore makes unvaccinated pay medical bills

Germany on Wednesday reported record levels of COVID-19 cases as the country faces a virulent fourth wave of the pandemic that has taken hold since late October. The country’s public health agency, the Robert Koch Institute, reported 52,826 new cases of coronavirus infection in the past 24 hours, the highest rate registered since the pandemic began in early 2020. That represents an increase of 13,150 cases compared with the same day a week ago. The seven-day incidence rate measuring cases per 100,000 people also reached a record high of 319.5, up from 312.4 the day before. The death toll from COVID-related causes rose in 24 hours by 294 to 98,274.
Despite the high infection rate, the death toll still remains below that at the peak of the pandemic in December 2020 owing largely to the fact that around two-thirds of the population is vaccinated. However, experts have warned from the beginning of the rollout that the number is not high enough to keep the virus under control. One of Germany’s top virologists, Christian Drosten, predicted last week that the country could see 100,000 more COVID deaths over the winter if the vaccination rate did not increase and other measures were not taken to stem the spread. Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the current coronavirus situation in Germany is “dramatic.” She was talking on Wednesday at an event for the Association of German Cities in Erfurt. She also called on those in Germany who have not yet been vaccinated to get the vaccine, saying “it is not too late to opt for a first vaccine shot.” Experts say that infection numbers are likely to continue rising over the winter, partly owing to an increase in indoor gatherings as Christmas approaches.

00:00 Tighter Coronavirus restrictions in Germany
02:52 Munich cancels Christmas market / Bavaria ICUs at capacity
06:38 Tobias Kurth, Epidemiologist, Charité Berlin
09:45 COVID surge in Singapore
11:40 Dale Fisher, Public Health Specialist
14:18 COVID Latest

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  1. i hope germany or other nation dun actually admire singapore's blatant vax discrimination! also a pandemic of the unvax is just hogwash – there are so many nations with high vax rates that are experiencing a surge of cases after registering such high vax rate go figure? lastly check out the poor human rights record and freedom of press ranking of Singapore before praising them!

  2. The increased covid cases in Germany is due to non-quarantined singaporeans arriving by droves into the land.
    They are believed to carry the VOCs e.g. delta variants, as they are vaccinated against the alpha or wuhan variant

  3. Those who didn't take vaccine while available in sufficient quantities in country. must realize their behavior of avoiding vaccine causes dangers to fellow citizens in their neighborhood, creating pressure on hospitals – scarcity of beds, doctors, nurses. Doctors and nurses forced to work overtime and exhausting. People can't open business to earn livelihood. And they can die too from covid.
    Moreover, after taking vaccine every body must wear masks too.
    German citizens are lucky they have sufficient supplies of vaccines, while many countries of the world are still unable to reach supplies to inoculate citizens.

  4. There are experts for and against the vaccines. It is very clear that those against the vaccines are not given enough space to put across their views. It is difficult to hear anything from them now. Mike Yeadon, Sucharit Bakhdi, McCullough, Malone, Montagnier and many others. Media big pharma politics? Your guess is as good as mine. Since this is a global issue, is it that difficult to organise an open debate and broadcast widely. Big question is why is it not done?

  5. If the majority of patients are unvaccinated, it's easy. Let them experience the "freedom" of the virus in its' entire course. Give them 2 aspirins and place them all in a quarantine & secured area. Lock them down and far away from the healthy population. Save medical staff, resources and services for all other medical cases for the vaccinated.

  6. i hope germany gets 100% vaccination so they will know its not the solution. im tired of hearing blame being place on unvaccinated people. yah so get all of your population vaccinated.

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