Judge's Insane Reason For Letting Rittenhouse Pick Jury

Judge's Insane Reason For Letting Rittenhouse Pick Jury

As final deliberations begin in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial, Judge Bruce Schroeder and Rittenhouse partook in a fascinating piece of courtroom theater. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET. http://youtube.com/theyoungturks/live

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“Kyle Rittenhouse could spend the next several decades of his life behind bars or soon walk free from a Wisconsin courthouse.

And pieces of paper he grabbed at random with his right hand will have played a major role in the life-turning outcome.
n an “interesting piece of theater” in his high-profile trial, Rittenhouse was directed Tuesday to blindly pick the seven women and five men who will decide whether he is criminally responsible for killing two men during protests last year over the police shooting Jacob Blake, a Black man in Kenosha.”


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  1. by the way left wingers showed up the to black lives protest riots armed as well
    (lefty felon rosembaum grabbing rittenhouse's rifle = armed
    lefty felon huber wielding skateboard as a bat = armed
    lefty with felony charges grosskreutz illegally concealing a handgun he cant legally have = armed)
    … just saying for consistency's sake they probably shouldnt have shown up to a protest and committed arson, slung threats and slurs, or chased people running away

  2. I thought TYT was left wing ? You would think that giving the defense as much power in the case as possible against the state would be a good thing. The state has the power to take your life away up to and including state sanctioned death.
    Ana is doing her best to be fair in this scenario but tyt as a whole are seething statists and this case really proves it.

  3. You fools are so full of crap. Lie after lie after lie. Lucky for you the fact checkers are liars to. 10 Pinocchios all the time for you. I'm embarrassed for you, cringed all the time

  4. Why is this even an issue? This is real life not an episode of Law & Order. There is no difference between a tumbler and a random number list from a computer. I mean bingo has been using a tumbler for decades, and lotteries still use it to this day. So either Ana and Jon have no knowledge about how random sampling works, in which case they should recognize that they are inept and keep their mouths shut or they are willfully fanning the flames of outrage to stoke division.

  5. There is a difference between clickbait titles and clickbait titles that can directly affect peoples PoV due to false interpretations. You are a YouTube trusted news source. If someone sees the title and does not click the video they can easily assume the jury was rigged and the case is corrupt. Seems extremely irresponsible to me.

  6. I wasn't watching TYT videos for a long time. But i did have respect for them to showcase shit which was going on. But after I saw the videos on Rittenhouse case as it was a pretty high profile stuff, it's clear that they've turned into the same media they tried to ridicule before.


    Also, if kyle hadn't bought the gun people wouldn't have died? Really? What about the the ppl charging him with guns? What about the rioters and looters using guns to loot honest ppl?

  7. "If Kyle didn't bring a gun everybody would be alive". Yeah, maybe everyone besides Kyle. Which proves exactly why he has the gun. Everything points to him being a good kid man. Get outta here with this commie propaganda. You guys wanted him dead. This boy went to clean up the community & give medical help. He knew there was a potential for danger & he was proven right. Hence bringing the gun. & why is the left defending the child rapist who started the whole thing? I mean, you are all saying "Why was Kyle even there?" Ummm how about his dad lived there, he was employed there, a good friend of his was there, & nobody who started with him was from there either but i haven't heard you once ask "why were the rioter, looters & arsonists there?" Oh that's right. To riot loot & arson. All were criminals. The maniac chomo who started all of this is yet to be condemned. He also is yet to be condemned for being a chomo, not just starting this whole thing. Rosenbaum going after Rittenhouse got Huber killed, because people were falsely under the perception that Rittenhouse was an active shooter. Huber, though a criminal I will admit was probably doing the right thing in his own mind. The problem is, his own mind was fed the wrong information. Kyle shot the chomo in self defense, he wasn't an active shooter. Huber heard the woke mob scream active shooter, so it must have been true, right???? Wrong. Kyle is a wonderful young man. Just give it up lefties. You aren't changing our mind. He wasn't a vigilante u idiots. He was a regular guy who the mob went after & they paid for it. & rightfully so.

  8. The only case of pure racism that night was by the first guy shot. The child rapist. Apparently there supporting BLM and racial injustice, while trying to fight black protestors and calling them n*gg*rs to their faces!

    He's the good guy apparently!

  9. i was there, i did not see any anti rittenhouse supporters carrying weapons. what i did see was a whole lotta rittenhouse supporters walking around wit ar-15s. i promise you the media is misleading everything… i was there filming everything. huber was one of my best friends and ive been working on a piece in honor of him and the others hurt throughout the year of 2020 here in kenosha for about two years now. The truth will come out


    "If kyle wouldn't have brought a gun, nobody would have died". Uh, what about kyle ? How do you and I know Rosenbaum wouldn't have beat him to death ? Are we just gonna assume Rosenbaum would've just roughed him up a little for stopping him from setting shit on fire ? Or what's to say he wouldn't have just attacked another one of the counter-protestors ? That's complete horse shit. It's speculative and not grounded in fact at all.

    By the same token, how about "if Rosenbaum hadn't gone to the riot that night, nobody would've died". Or "if Rosenbaum hadn't chased Kyle KNOWING he was armed, nobody would've died". Or "if Rosenbaum had just stopped chasing kyle once Kyle pointed the gun at him the first time, nobody would have died".

    There are literally an infinite number of scenarios where we could speculate things would've gone differently. Or maybe things would've still happened the same way they did. We'll never know. The point is that they DID happen the way they happened, Kyle Rittenhouse ONLY did things which he had the absolute right to do (showing up at the protest, carrying a gun, putting out fires, cleaning up graffiti, handing out bandaids or whatever the hell he did medically, etc), while the people he shot were shot ONLY for doing things which they had no right whatsoever to do – chasing him and trying to grab his gun, kicking him in the head, hitting him over the head with a skateboard and trying to take his gun, and running at him and pointing a gun in his face. The last 3 of which occurred while Kyle was literally running TOWARDS the police, so y'all can miss me with that "they were trying to stop an active shooter" bullshit. Y'all talk about Kyle being a vigilante because he wanted to protect businesses. HOW ARE HUBER AND ROSENBAUM NOT VIGILANTES FOR LITERALLY TRYING TO TAKE THE LAW INTO THEIR HANDS?!

  11. This isn’t a war zone?

    Go visit Chicago, NYC, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland.. I could go on for days. You’ll understand really fast why people carry guns.

  12. The optics are not great because you are against Rittenhouse and that is because he is white. If it was a black defendant you would say that the optics look good.