Progressive congressman and advocate for paid family leave reacts to Democrats' spending bill cuts

Progressive congressman and advocate for paid family leave reacts to Democrats' spending bill cuts

Representative Jimmy Gomez has been a staunch advocate for paid family leave, but the White House has removed it from the spending bill’s framework. The congressman joined CBSN to discuss what the absence means for progressives and the latest on the nearly $2 trillion package.

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  7. Paid family leave should be a employer perk for the workers and not another tax burden on the American people. I, as a senior citizen on a fixed income, continue to pay property taxes, of which a large portion goes for public schools funding when I don't have children in school. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  8. We get to use budget reconciliation one more time come April, & maybe we could revisit this program then. But I see Manchin resisting even using it again before the elections for '22.