Provocative maneuvering | Russia is concerned with US actions

Provocative maneuvering | Russia is concerned with US actions

As the US conducts its military exercise in the Black Sea, Defense Minister Shoigu has expressed deep concerns about what is happening right on Russia’s doorstep. The drills are threatening the security of the whole region, he claims.

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  1. Russia conquers Crimea from Ukraine. US is just there so Russia will not conquer some more territories. These communists brothers of china and russia will cause third world war. They dont have respect for others.

  2. There's high possiblity to what's going between the geographic strategies of Ukraine vs Russia is a kind of stock market turning arrows on the daily charts either for profit or to cheat stock buyers and stock holders or even to cheat the public attention. The same game applies to Taiwan. If everything is true the provactive acts around the black sea or the South China sea, then those who are in charge of the commands are not thinking about the ultimate consequences.

  3. I guess that the best definition of Democracy from the US perspective is: A single strong government (American, so to say) that uses its secret organisations (CIA, special military units) to topple other Governments as they have done in Middle- East and Africa. Since they have this behaviour and they have succeeded, they still think that the same can be done to Russia and Chinese governments. They need someone sobber enough to warn them not to play with fire. They have Military might as they say but at the modern era the US alone ain't a Match for the Russian weaponry alone leave alone China who have more advanced quantum Tech that's now dwarfing the US.

  4. Once America’s 6th fleet crosses Russia’s Red Line, they should just fire their Hypersonic Zircon missiles and wipe out the entire fleet.

  5. i shall now present the future: europe (after a period of turmoil and degradation) will be subdued in its entirety by asia so to produce a most intricate and vibrant environment of people and cultures in full prosperity; the island of uk will become the home to what was once known as the russian people, a blend of russian folks and british people after a great war will unfold which will see the anglo folk capitulate to the russo supremacy – which in turn will be forced to resettle due to asiatic pressures; north america will become a nomad land, pockets of organized civilization but with the majority of the land left to fend for itself – this will be the result of a great unfolding between various people and nations on the american continent; south america will be a noman land, vicious, brutal, violent; africa will remain as is untouched and unhindered; asia, together with australia, will succumb to the new glorious empire of the qin; the caribbean, pacific archipelago, and other small islands will vanish under the rising seas; the middle east will self-isolate under the rule of a religious figure, the middle east will become a realm of intrigue with occasional drastic swifts between peaceful coexistence and brutal barbarity; the super rich will rule from their space colonies, though not too involved with the earthly gentry.

  6. Every thing East of the Polish border is pure filth and corrupt. Russia invades and effectively takes control of large swaths of Eastern Ukraine not to mention Crimea but somehow convinces itself and it's alcohol soaked population that there is no Russian forces or intelligence assets in the Ukraine. Russia is the enemy, the enemy of all of Europe and all modern democratic societies. A corrupt, vile State whose political enemies are posioned on the streets of London, England and whose leadership can't even tolerate a female rock band denouncing their policies. And yet, it's own population says nothing of their laughable democratic rights. Why ?? Just as in the days of the crumbling Soviet system, ensure the population is well fed in cheap vodka, propaganda and the illusion that it is somehow Great. Laughable and pathetic.

  7. List of countries USA bombed since WWII:
    Korea 1950-53
    China 1950-53
    Guatemala 1954
    Indonesia 1958
    Cuba 1959-60
    Guatemala 1960
    Belgian Congo 1964
    Guatemala 1964
    Dominican Republic 1965-66
    Peru 1965
    Laos 1964-73
    Vietnam 1961-73
    Cambodia 1969-70
    Guatemala 1967-69
    Lebanon 1982-84
    Grenada 1983-84
    Libya 1986
    El Salvador 1981-92
    Nicaragua 1981-90
    Iran 1987-88
    Libya 1989
    Panama 1989-90
    Iraq 1991
    Kuwait 1991
    Somalia 1992-94
    Bosnia 1995
    Iran 1998
    Sudan 1998
    Afghanistan 1998
    Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
    Afghanistan 2001
    Libya 2011
    Iraq and Syria 2014 –
    Somalia 2011 –
    Iran 2020 –