Biden announces framework for Build Back Better Act. Now lawmakers have to finalize the details.

Biden announces framework for Build Back Better Act. Now lawmakers have to finalize the details.

Shortly before departing for Europe, President Biden announced he and Democratic lawmakers reached a framework agreement on the Build Back Better Act. CBS News chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes has the details on the framework. She then talks with CBSN anchor Lana Zak about what benefits Americans should expect to see from the plan.

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  1. 31 percent of this bill ($550,000,000,000) that's 550 billion, one half trillion, is being spent on Climate Change. Total BS!!!! This administration has to go. They are out of control. This thing has to be stopped in the Senate!

  2. Have you noticed that almost every "biden" video has WAYYYY more dislikes?? EVERY SINGLE video on the White House channel has more dislikes 10 to 1 at a minimum. Yes, I'm serious. This is a direct translation to what Americans think of him. Even most hard left media channels have more dislikes. This is, by far the WORST president in US history. The amazing thing about it is, he did it in 9 months. You all are now starting to see the disaster unfold. The sad thing is, it's going to get a lot worse. You will lose your freedoms. Your taxes will be the highest in recorded history. Welcome to socialism, you will never get your freedom back.

  3. No guys it's Klaus Schwab that's behind build back better, it's a trick it's a scam , read agenda 2030 official document's and put the pieces together , this isn't a plan that includes humans, exactly what Hitler did just designed to look more attractive

  4. Do it for the children the white racist children, and if that doesn't apply to you then do it for the poor that weren't poor before they decided not to get the vaccine and lost their jobs as non non-essential heroes.

  5. Virginian Election
    I voted against the democrats; not because they failed to pass their socialist agenda, more quickly.
    I voted against the democrats; because of their socialist agenda, period.

  6. Infrastructure- adding tens of thousand of IRS agency to monitored EVERYBODIES bank accounts . A mileage tax on your vehicle , a natural gas tax. New rules on methane ( you do realize that is increases ALL live stock Beef, Pork and Chickens ) Why not include a people tax for emitting methane ?

  7. The White House and leaders in Congress seem determined to pass a massive bill intended to boost “infrastructure,” at a spending level that’s unprecedented for such an effort.

    Unfortunately, it includes little spending actually related to infrastructure.

    This isn’t the first time in recent history that spending bills disguised as infrastructure bills have been criticized in this way.

    In 1998, President Clinton and Congress worked together on a $217 billion transportation bill.Who can forget President George W. Bush’s 2005 bill that included funding for the infamous Bridge to Nowhere.President Obama’s 2009 “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” had an $831 billion price tag.The Trump Administration proposed or endorsed several costly infrastructure plans between 2015-2020.If President Biden’s recent proposal gives you déjà vu, you’re not alone. His promises sound familiar to us, too.

    While presidents and congressional leaders have defended the big price tags and claimed that the bills were not wasteful, history has rendered a different verdict

  8. What is wrong with parents getting free school for children, a tax credit. Europe has had free healthcare for 3 decades now and feel free to talk to individuals of Europe, usually they are shocked how much simple procedures or visits cost. A broken arm is covered for free and so is having a baby!! I could go on!
    As far as I am concerned there is NO reason to have so much CRAP AND JUNK for cheap. It breaks, lasts for a day or you likely do not need it.
    Food, well let's stop growing produce out of season and not have so many factory farms that make cheap gross meat that 60% goes bad.
    The cheap consumption culture has to end!!
    Why does it cost so much to make stuff in America, because that is the true cost of production. People have been living off cheap crap made in other countries in dangerous conditions and sweat shop environments for someone else's cheap convenience. The devil is at work brainwashing you all!!!

  9. The true devil hides behind the process of Cheap Consumption Culture and so many people have been romantically involved with its evil. It has made foods that cause cancer, obesity and pollution building from its transport.
    The devil is full.of greed and has planted its seed within many greedy people as possible. Whispering in their ears more for cheap and who cares if you actually need it.
    Worse anyone who wants children to not have a free education is evil…ever single person on this comment section has made comments about evil. I have seen good and I have seen evil, you all are not speaking along side with the faith of GOD the all Mighty for this behavior is shameful.
    Desperate push to destroy the humanity of all. Turn man against the planet and all in the name EVIL devil disguised as a man who wants to make America Great again….more like greed for the few while the majority suffer in the hopelessness of the devil's world.
    Save your soul and eliminate the hate!! Want equality for all.