COVID 'freedom': Asia opens up while Europe locks back down | DW News

COVID 'freedom': Asia opens up while Europe locks back down | DW News

Europe’s insufficient vaccine take-up has prompted restrictions and with it violent opposition from citizens. Whereas Asia, still suffering from the impact of COVID, is marching on ahead with a steady vaccine rollout. What explains this difference?
in Europe, a national lockdown has gone into effect in Austria. This is in addition to restrictions in other countries, such as in the Netherlands and Belgium, to control rising case numbers, primarily to do with lower than expected vaccination figures.
But these restrictions have prompted protests and in some cases violence. In Belgium, police clashed with protesters on Sunday. There is anger over the government’s advice to get vaccinated and any possible moves to impose mandatory vaccinations as Austria has done. Similar scenes were reported in the Netherlands, which saw a third straight night of violence.
So while many in Europe believe their freedoms are compromised through vaccination, in most places in Asia, it’s just the opposite. Many believe vaccination is the key to their freedom, which is why some nations in the region rank among the world’s best when it comes to vaccination rates. Countries like Japan, Cambodia and Malaysia have also started reopening even as Europe starts to re-close.


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  1. Many Asia country vaccination rate still low because many Asia country have more population than European country. For example Indonesia vaccination rate is 30% but that 30% is almost 100 million people, not to mention country like India or China that have more greater number of total population. Indonesia have vaccinated more people than the Netherlands or Portugal that have high vaccination rate

  2. As an Asian I never understand the European obsession with freedom. My country just get freedom from colonization in 1945 and we are most afraid of poverty and war. We don't care about superficial freedom like freedom not to get vaccine.

  3. Anyway maybe 80 percent of Indonesians had gotten delta variant. And we had built natural shield against covid. But we dont hate vaccine though… We just don't have enough money

  4. There has never been a mandatory lockdown in Japan. There are no compulsory vaccines or compulsory masks. Nonetheless, everyone wears a mask and vaccination rates are high.

    Japan is a country with many earthquakes and disasters, so the people know how to behave in case of a pandemic. They know that asserting their selfish rights will only make the situation worse. We have always been able to overcome these problems by working together. I'm sure this pandemic will be no different.

    These days, there are less than 100 infected people in the country, so we are all living in peace.

  5. From my point of view, I don't understand the thought that wearing a mask or taking a vaccine will take away your freedom.
    The freedom of those who think that way is cheap or shallow. I think with freedom comes responsibility, though.

  6. There are people on the Japanese internet who say this. Westerners have always criticised Japan for White liberals are always claiming that you are morally and culturally right and superior to us, therefore Japan should follow suit. So your response to the coronavirus is more correct than Japan's. You should not emulate the uncivilised and inhuman Japan 🙂

  7. @DW news Do you even know what is 29% population means when you reported about India saying low vaccination rate? You simply cannot compare Japan or Europe to a nation of population having 1.35 billion people!!

  8. Westerners say "freedom" is "selfish" in Japan.
    It has nothing to do with groupism.
    I just don't want to pass on the illness to others.
    It's a child who thinks (I just need to be myself).

  9. In Cambodia, in every city, all people over 5 years old received the 3rd dose already. And every people in the province also received the 2nd dose and the 3rd dose are injecting everyday. Now the country is fully opened and every vaccinated tourists can go into the country without any quarantine.

  10. What does wearing a mask have to do with collectivism or individualism? There's a possibility of preventing colds and coronas from others, and the benefits are greater. Moreover, it also protects your own family.I don't know why I don't wear a mask.

  11. We here in asia is going to have a wonderful, free Christmas season. We got our shots, no protests at all and so the conomy has recovered. Our country had more than 26th cases daily last sept is now down to a few hundreds, hospitals only has 22% occupancy. Cinemas, bars, malls, gyms have opened, Chritsmas rush in full swing. But of course we still wear masks all the time. Why cant europe do the same? Just get the shot and be done with this pandemic. BTW i got my 3rd shot today.

  12. Those who do not get the shots are selfish. They only think about themselves, self centered. They dont care that if they get the virus, it could infect some other people which may cost them their lives. They dont care that hospital staffs could get sick bcoz of them.

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  14. 迷子の例え話






  15. ルールがあっての、自由だよ❗ルールがなければ、それは無法地帯だな(°Д°)‼️


  16. People should be free to make their choice. However if that choice they make is an individual is wrong they should receive help. I.e. If you dont want to get vacinnate thats okay… However if you or one of your family members (not friends) catch the virus (whether they caught it from you or not) they should be forced to pay the bills for the treatments. If they cant pay the bills that debt/s will passed on to you. as you made that decisions. That should be the law. That is what i call FREEDOM

  17. It's funny how there's almost no reporting on the difference between the approach in Sweden vs the rest of Europe, where's there's been no lockdown, when there were a lot of criticism during the first wave of Covid…

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