Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed vows to lead army ‘from the battlefront’

Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed vows to lead army ‘from the battlefront’

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister says he will travel to the frontline on Tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces.
Tens of thousands of people are believed to have been killed in battles between the Ethiopian army and Tigrayan forces that began last year.
And analysts say the language used by Abiy in Monday’s statement is worrying.
Al Jazeera’s @Victoria Gatenby reports.

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  1. This PM is a G….!!!!! a true leader/ warrior how many politicians do you know these days that are willing to put everything on the line , stand up for what they believe in and defend their country… Not Many.

  2. This PM is a G… a TRUE Leader/ Warrior… how many leaders or politicians do you know that are willing to put everything on the line and go to the front line and defend their country l. Not Many !!!

  3. Fake news by Algezeera. Ethiopia is not Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Lybia or Syria. Ethiopians are warriors. They will fight for what is right. It is in our blood. TPLF supporters are losers and delusionals. Hands off Ethiopia. We will fight and win. America and others who think can make a difference in a country that doesn't want them is a dream that never will materialize. Go Away find another victim to bully not Ethiopians. You are all losers.

  4. Kjetil is a proof bribes really work. He had never been interested in his own country this much. Where do you get this white people talking about Ethiopia

  5. What we have and our wealth is our. No resources for the west in Africa go back to the meddle East. Africa belong to African people!
    Don’t Pretend to help Africa, you’re just looking for just a visa to get in and excuse so you can loot and exploit.!!!

  6. It’s not desperation, it’s called a hero. Of course, you’re a white man speaking with no background history. Invite someone from Ethiopia to speak on the current issues. US and European countries have been supporting TPLF with military weapons and money. Although they are using the western media to isolate Ethiopia, Africa nations are weaken up to the urgent need to support Ethiopia.

  7. He is truly a leader. he is preacher of love and believer of peace. Even if he knows that they robe the country for 20 years he gave them many chances to work with him but they cant stop killing civilians and take there food … BUT when they kill our military soldiers at night in northern part of the county the people force war against them. NO other COUNTRIES seats for negotiation when there country military soldiers killed. SO don't tell as for negotiation. They start the war and his job is to protect Ethiopia. SALUTE PM ABIY AHMED

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