Belarus, Poland accused of 'serious human-rights violations' | DW News

Belarus, Poland accused of 'serious human-rights violations' | DW News

The NGO Human Rights Watch says Belarus and Poland have committed “serious human-rights violations” amid the migrant crisis at the border between the two countries.
Belarusian border guards may be guilty of torture, the group said after conducting interviews with migrants. The interviewees also said they had been “pushed back, sometimes violently, by Polish border guards.” Human Rights Watch urged the EU to “start showing solidarity with the victims at the border” and that the two governments need to allow humanitarian aid to migrants to prevent further deaths.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. None of this is Poland problem. No one has the right to cross over into other ppl countries illegally. Why didn’t they fly right to Germany? Poland should not back down bc they will do it again.

  2. NGO stands for Non Profit Organisations ,
    If you check who is financing it ,you will find out that those individuals are all about own profit.
    So don’t trust them , and to do good – do exactly opposite.

  3. Once I tried to force my way in to Night Club around bouncer. He grab me and pushed me back out.
    Now Im finding out that he has breached my Human Right. Thanks DW. You are so smart and honest.

  4. Poland already became a new home to 1,5 Mio. Ukrainians and 170 thousands Belarusians over last few years. The difference is they care to come here legally, not at night, cutting the fences and avoiding border guards. If these guys wouldn't do the same (instead of paying the smugglers) there wouldn't be a problem at all.

  5. Screw those NGOs they are terrorist supporters( LITTERALLY ).
    Those same NGOs like to defend Terrorists in Syria, or any countries thats pro China or Russia, I bet you these so called NGOs will appear out of CIA pockets and defend the terrorists

  6. NGO's seems to be the biggest issue in fight with illegal human trafficking. Illegal pushback? Those people with Belarusian tourist visa were lost on border, that is why Polish/Lithuanian border guard's was showing them proper direction.

  7. A Polish family commited a serious crime, because it defended its home from attackers , which were throwing stones and were trying to break into Polish family home. Poor attackers. It's a perverted reality where normal family is to blame.

  8. EU should first assimilate (assimilate, not integrate) the people that's already hosting, but it's forbidden (us+polcor+woke and so on). Ghettos are already a reality in several Countries, and the situation can only get worse if more people would come and not assimilated.

    If the "geniuses" that sit in their "golden castles" don't understand that, the social tension will keep rising, especially with the financial crisis that we'll face after the pandemic. Not to mention the assertive policies of our neighbors, that might use the presence of non assimilated people as Trojan horses.

    Were getting older and the population is shrinking, immigration might be a resource to invert the trend, but we should assimilate the immigrants, not adapt our habits to theirs.

  9. I'm Polish! I can't believe how DW can be so hypocritical and sneaky? You are liars! We defend not only our own borders, but also the borders of the EU. All you hear in the media is that Poland is bad again. Were it not for the comments, I would have thought Europe was dead. No, Europe is not dead yet … we will see to it.

  10. These illegals knew the risk. No countries in the EU want them. They come from sovereign free countries. Their Govt has a duty to provide health care.
    What is solidarity for these illegals?

  11. People see this in wrong way
    Its same thing like
    "Poland started WW2"
    "it is all Poland's Fault"
    It hurt my heart
    If people want say bad thing about poland first go and see what really happened

  12. Why human rights violation? What is about the human rights of the sexual assault victims, the victims who were murdered through knife attacks, terrorist attacks and killed after being raped? Human rights watch gives nothing about these victims.

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