Downfall of Germany: The Western Front (Full Documentary) | Animated History

Downfall of Germany: The Western Front (Full Documentary) | Animated History

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  1. 25:08 I can only imagine how exhilarating this moment must have been for the French. It must have felt like a light had been rekindled after years of darkness. And bless Holtitz for not razing the city in the Wehrmacht retreat. Paris was spared the fate that befell the capitals of Berlin, London, Tokyo, and part of Rome…

  2. I always had this notion that one thing America did well during this period was that they continually made improvements to their military hardware. I've heard stories about Japanese Zero pilots being surprised by new and improved carrier based fighter aircraft that would no longer stall in a vertical climb and things like that. But if that's true, what the hell happened with those Sherman tanks? I'm no historian. I just like WW2. But from what I understand, those things were death traps. They were under powered, under armed and under armored. Everyone else seemed to have caught on to the idea that a variety of tank sizes was needed for different tasks. Why didn't America ever get their tanks together in WW2? Anyone know that story? Tanks. Couldn't resist. Sorry.

  3. when I was in High School here in the Philippines, I couldn't even sit through 30 mins. of World War History because of how boring my teachers presented it, now even with just his narration I could still immerse myself in it leaving me wanting to watch more.

  4. Very well done summary of events that took place from the perspective of the Allied Anglo-American forces from D-day up to the fall of Berlin! Rarely have I seen such information depicted in one go and entertaining at the same time! AMAZING! Keep it up! Love all your videos!

  5. Fun fact: it's actually quite commonplace even here in Illinois for someone to mistake Chicago as the state's capital instead of Springfield. Just goes to show you the failure of the American education system.

  6. A "flotilla"? Try Armada lol. Over 4000 landing craft and ships alone with almost 7000 in total on day 1 alone. "Flotilla" from it's Spanish means a smal gathering of boats. Even the Spanish Armada was only some 150 vessels. Flotilla?! Roles eyes

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