Will Supersonic Travel Ever Return?

Will Supersonic Travel Ever Return?

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  1. I was gardening one time, thought we was being bombed. Air show 30 miles away in Pittsburgh. Scared the shit outta me. It was the sonic boom lol they must have flew over nearby

  2. The most advanced tech I know of that might enable supersonic flight is SABRE engine by British Reaction Engines. It’s essentially an air breathing rocket engine with their own precooler enabling Mach 5 speeds. This precooler is capable of cooling the incoming air from 1000 C to -150 C in 0.05 seconds avoiding the frost buildup.

  3. Reaction engines has a partnership with Rolls Royce and have been developing their Sabre engine for this kind of venture using Air Breathing Rocket Engines.

  4. I am doing masters in Aerospace engineering in UK. I am passionate about aerospace industry and would like to know if you have any ideas to what I can do for my individual project? Can you please intrigue me with your curiosity or knowledge to the future of aerospace like aircrafts and jets. Thank you in advance.

  5. The mishap was due to an overweight takeoff attempt , hindered by misalignment of the right bogie due to failure to install a spacer. Take off speed was too low to ensure a proper climb speed. Normally a dual engine loss would still allow the proper climbout to be reached.

  6. The main causes of the Concorde failure were high flying price tags, fuel price tags together with thirsty turbojet engines, the sonic booms over high populated areas and the Concorde plane crash. Not really cramp spaces because any s.s. airliner will give you cramp spaces. There will never be a s.s. jet with a wide cabin.

  7. Why not start with private jets? Owning a faster jet would be a major bragging right for people who buy their own planes. If the plane has a long enough range then a private jet that can beat commercial flights to their destination would be worth it to some ultra rich since current private jets aren't any faster than commercial planes.

  8. Engines they could still use a Low by Pass Turbofan likes todays Fighters i doubt they will still use a Turbojet but will see what Rolls Royce comes up with. If they can make it reach the Pacific it would be huge.

  9. Question: if the sonic boom noise and g-force issues were fixed, plus a new fuel saving of say 60% were avaiable to existing jet engines, or a new technology, and lets say the speed could be mach 4~7 whilst comfort as per the aforementioned g-force were fixed and thus as good as current 737 max or better, would we still see these technologies held back by the fact that youd have thousands of planes flying around at super sonic speed and potentially be problematic for rogue countries utilising them for war planes with munitions and bombs attached to them? ?? i keep pondering that, like if we could quickly build new aircraft tomorrow, at say 150-300 million per plane, with fuel savings of 60%, that could fly 5 x faster minimum, would the powers that be in the main countries even let that happen?????? apologies for the poorly worded question…

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