Switzerland votes on COVID-19 restrictions in national referendum | DW News

Switzerland votes on COVID-19 restrictions in national referendum | DW News

Swiss voters have turned out in near-record numbers for a referendum on the national COVID-19 restrictions. After an unusually tense and hostile campaign, early projections show a majority favor the current law.
Under it, only people who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative are allowed to attend public events and gatherings. The law also provides billions of Swiss francs in aid for workers and businesses hit by the pandemic. Switzerland is the first European country to put its pandemic measures to a public vote.
France’s minister for overseas territories is on his way to Martinique and Guadeloupe, following days of violent protests on the Caribbean islands. The French government has vowed a firm response to the unrest. Local opposition to COVID-19 measures imposed by Paris, is adding to longstanding grievances over representation and living standards.

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  1. How about stressing that it is NOT only vaccination that is required, but having HAD the virus and come through is also considered adequate. THIS is exactly what all other countries need to institute. It's like saying: an IMMUNITY CERTIFICATE . . .rather than a VACCINATION CERTIFICATE

  2. So this is the problem with asking citizens what they want—- you're still deciding if someone should put medication in thier bodies that they don't want. It doesn't matter if it's the government saying this or all the collective citizens saying this – NOBODY has a right to tell you that you have to take an injection of a medication you don't want ! This doesn't solve anything in fact it's worse that you have your neighbors and friends telling you you must take this injection or else you can't participate in society! I am from the US and I have had the two Pfizer shots but it's wrong for me to think that I have the right to tell somebody else they have to get it too! Why doesn't anybody see this? Are you willing to give up your freedom that easy? The next thing you vote on might be something you don't want to put in your body- or worse!

  3. 37% of people is still a lot of people. Everybody know that the masses are brain dead and they will go along and forfeit their own freedom. This is a man made virus. The same power that be who is making your own vaccine. COVID kill over 5 million people in the world so they say. Out of 7 billion people. It’s a joke that flu kill way people then that In a year. Yet there’s so much spotlight on it to cause fear and chaos so we won’t know what is truly happening behind the scene.

  4. SWITZERLAND TO THE WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY CHAPTER COLLEGE MEIN BAAT KAR RAHE HO AUR KISAN JAI FACTORY LOCATION BHEJ DIYA CIA FBI OPERATION SE KARENGE TV9 BHARATVARSH HAMARA BHARAT KE CLASSES SE KAM HAI AAP KE CLASSES FCPS UK Videsh mantri ji Tiffany I will psychology lab antivirus software developer and I will psychology lab antivirus and a person who high court baithak

  5. Switzerland people do not let them take your Rights away. Man made virus, Man made bad vaccines. The people have the power not the governments Go out when you want they cant lock all of yall up.

  6. TRUE DEMOCRACY!!! The only country in this world with the best politics. People vote every year 4 times in referendum for laws made by people with supported by 100,000 each idea to become law if majority approves. Best country!!!

  7. Yes but the most of Swiss people follows what the gouvernement says. Swiss people are Swiss people. Followers. But not every Swiss people are followers. On the move! 😉

  8. Attention, Switzerland is a Corona high risk area. So, I warn everyone not to travel to Switzerland. The probability of corona infection is very, very high in Switzerland.

  9. That is putting Democracy to work for the people. I personally would even suggest, that those who don’t want the vaccine, and aren’t vaccinated they wouldn’t be allowed to use public hospitals. Your sick, cuz your not vaccinated, than use private, medical services.

  10. does the current law require Swiss citizens to be vaccinated? and if testing is required, how often is it required to maintain the right to move freely about and go to school, the mall, or a public event?

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