Concorde's Overture. Will We Have a New Supersonic Jet Soon? – Boom SuperSonic

Concorde's Overture. Will We Have a New Supersonic Jet Soon? - Boom SuperSonic

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In 2003 we took the step backwards from supersonic passenger transport when Concorde the only supersonic passenger jet to operate ceased flying. Since then we’ve been await its successor and finally, we may well have one in the very similar shape of the Boom Supersonic Overture. This is the tail of two planes one old and one new and if the new one has the chance to regain the crown of flying faster than the speed of sound.

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Written, Researched and Presented by Paul Shillito
Images and Footage : Boom Supersonic, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, British Airways, Airbus, Air France
NASA, SpaceX, Aérospatiale

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  1. Concorde had a reboot in after the fatal crash and the first transatlantic Test flight was in September 2001, yes on the 9th. Which they took as a bad omen but commercial flights continued a few months later. Only to end two years later.

  2. I salute Boom's ambition, but a $50 million dollar initial investment, isn't even enough money to buy HALF of a brand-new Boeing 737… piquing people's interest via YouTube and a few media events, are as far as they will get. Sorry.

  3. Supersonic passenger planes are real fuel hogs, not green at all.
    The Concorde was a technical marvel that never made money. Air travel takes all day, travel
    to and from the airport , getting through security, and flight delays take two or three times
    the flight time. Even if the flight time were zero your whole day is shot. Why pay five or ten
    times as much for a ticket when your total travel time is only reduced by 10% or 20%.

  4. Could ground effect craft go supersonic?

    If so… Such might work well for crossing oceans. Sonic boom… Not much an issue…
    +Supposedly burns far less fuel and lot greater mass can be lifted.

  5. Not happening. The Concorde, its attempted US counterparts, and anything developed by Airbus are all just corrupt government waste. The A380 was the biggest joke of all.
    Oh, and let us not forget the sonic boom issues that people on the ground were legitimately pissed about.
    There is no way supersonic travel is coming back because range is impossible, given the fuel requirements for constant afterburner flight. The military is not about to give up its "super cruise" secrets either.
    This is just another scam to suck government money out of the taxpayers by leftists, nothing more. It is in the same category as Solyndra and the Commiefornia high speed train.

  6. Just what we (don't) need; an aircraft available via price of ticket only to the wealthy, which produces an order of magnitude more GHS emissions per passenger mile than sub-Mach aircraft.

  7. The US government and Boeing tried to kill the Concorde, it tried to kill Airbus and it tried to kill the Bombardier CSeries (now A220). Boeing might now only be the 2nd biggest civil aircraft producer, but they are still America's biggest exporter and they will try everything to kill any competition.

  8. They obviously can't fit enough green fuel, hydrogen or batteries in that slim body, make a ticket cost €100, or compete with large aircraft. This presentation was quite one sided.

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