Mountain Men: Tom’s Big Trap is Unleashed! (Season 10) | History

Mountain Men: Tom’s Big Trap is Unleashed! (Season 10) | History 1

Tom checks on his traps to see if an unexpected opportunity has paid off. Meanwhile, Nancy works on homemade goods, in this clip from Season 10, “Coyote Showdown.”

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Winter is loosening its grip on the mountains of North America. But that doesn’t mean life here is getting any easier. As the thaw begins and rivers start to swell with raging runoff, new opportunities open up for the mountain men to stockpile supplies, grow their own food and fortify their homesteads. But this spring… They’re digging deep like never before. The mountain men and their families are masters of independence and living off the land. But even they are preparing for a changing world- one where the ultimate test may be who can brace for the worst in America’s wilderness.

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  1. Tom Eres Huna persona muy savia y muy noble todos días miraba tus programas En México traducido en español latima qué no se Abrar inglés Ánimo Amigo y muchas bendiciones y cuídate mucho

  2. Season 10 Ep 4 "Zombie Moose": What a disgusting scene watching a 12 years old girl with her mother trying to kill that moose. It required several shots to kill that animal. That scene should have been deleted or edited in its majority.

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