Why This Was The WORST Episode Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Why This Was The WORST Episode Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

For many fans of Brooklyn Nine Nine, it’s tough to pick an episode that’s truly bad. Most episodes of the beloved sitcom are top tier comedy. Especially when it comes to the 99’s cast of Jake Peralta, Terry Jeffords, and Captain Ray Holt. But one fan favorite character got a very special send off episode, only to be brought right back into the fold only 11 episodes later as someone completely different. Brooklyn Nine Nine had the chance for a perfect exit, but instead almost ruined a characters legacy.

Check Out the BEST Episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine: https://youtu.be/c7wCVIiscJU

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Written by Chris Teregis
Edited by Dan Smiley


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  1. I think what kind of gets lost in Gina is that she kind of only works as an underdog. The idea of this woman who works an unimportant job she doesn't care much for, but carries herself as if she's a genius celebrity, is kind of heartwarming because she's enjoying her life. Once she actually becomes successful, she's just another rich asshole. Her narcissism isn't something that's spicing up an ordinary life, and after this episode aired I memory holed the fact that id ever liked her

  2. also The episode about amy and Jakes reasoning for wanting and not wanting kids was the worst for me. I mean jake says he doesn't want kids because he's afraid he'll be a bad father just like his father, and amy goes: Yea but i don't care which was really out of character

  3. the one where jake is basically forced to have kids is the worst. she even threatened to leave him if they didnt have kids. amy doesnt deserve him, honestly.

  4. Also Gina's character had gotten more popular and richer and all that fame, I feel, made her a more crazier version of the simple Gina we've seen before. I feel like this is just Gina after becoming famous

  5. the box is definitely one of the best ever 99 episodes, the first time i watched it i was like omg how did this show make something this good?

  6. I don't really hate any episode, only some are a bit tough to watch without thinking „What can I do instead. Especially the first part in Season 3 where Holt is not the captain

  7. I AGREE WITH THIS WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Gina is a very bittersweet character for me, as she encouraged a lot of my favourite moments in the series and a lot of great stuff wouldn't have happened without her, but some things in the series that happened as a result of her are some of my lesser favourite things, this episode included. I believe the reason this train wreck was produced is because the series was handed off by Fox to NBC, a new team with a handful of character's who had already been built up so much that in order to bring more out of them, they'd have to break them down first.

    Over the course of seasons 1-5, Gina is presented as a narcissist, in love with her own voice and somebody that generally doesn't care about other people unless they're a part of her own success story, which is what made her more compassionate moments where she opened up that little bit harder hitting. She wasn't greatly balanced out, but she worked. This episode however just made her whole image completely sour, leaving me and most likely most other viewers with a gross taste in our mouths about her as a character.

  8. Just finished Casecation, super uncomfortable.

    As someone who definitely doesn't want kids (granted, I'm only 16, but I've dealt with the shit of not having a great family, and constant mental issues) it's awful watching it get shoved onto someone else. I definitely didn't like the debate thing, that was weird, and Amy threatening to leave… was really, really messed up.

  9. Just watched The Return Of The King, and the only thing I think is bad about the main story is that it should've come far after Gina leaving.
    I didn't feel it was all that bad, the B and C story were pretty meh, but the main one I felt was alright, Gina felt very Gina. I will say, Terry and Jake realizing who the attacker was is pretty convenient, as it's the first statement of the random woman's husband who does parkour.

    All in all, she really wasn't that "horrible" to anyone, she just stood them up for one night, but reconciled soon after. The rest was very Gina Linetti of her.

    Also, I wish Enigma Boyle-Linetti was mentioned.

  10. The episode where jake and Amy killed the captain was a bad one as well, not to bad but not to funny more of a story covering episode , hated the Debby one as well I didn’t think she was a good actor and couldn’t believe her when she did the drugs and etc

  11. To me that episode is what Gina would have been if she’s famous and yeah that’s kinda what I would expect her to be especially is she got super famous pretty quickly

  12. Start of season 8 was the absolute worst, too many political buzz words and conveys way outside the regular scope for the show

  13. My personal least favorites are this one and casecation. I found this episode to bring out all the things i have disliked in Gina’s charcter for a long, long time. I thought that it was too soon, and unrealistic. While Gina has always been narcissistic she always made time for Jake. And then suddenly she didn’t. It didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t like casecation because it wasn’t realistic but it was a really bad way to approach the topic of having kids. Jake and Amy were in a relativly stressful environment, Amy used formal debate tactic instead of just talking about it, and Amy brought in other people. Overall a horrible way to go about this conversation. Whats even worse is the fact that Jake approached the conversation in a totally real heartfelt way, and Amy made it overly formal. Jake also ends up agreeing and in the final season quits his job for Mac. Overall really didn’t feel fair.

  14. I might agree that this is the worst episode if only because it brings back Gina when I thought I would never have to suffer her again. I absolutely despise that character.

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