We need to talk about Independents | with Simon Holmes à Court

We need to talk about Independents | with Simon Holmes à Court

Juice Podcast 27. In which I chat with Simon Holmes à Court about Hung Parliaments, Not-Shit Independents and how they can help end this shit-stained Government at the 2022 election.

This is the podcast companion to our latest Honest Government Ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnzaiYrvvrw

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👉 You can follow Simon Holmes à Court here: https://twitter.com/simonahac
👉 You can find out more about the Climate200 here: https://www.climate200.com.au/
👉 And here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQjZpu9D8aQ

✅ Find out more about the Not-Shit candidates/MPs Simon mentions in the podcast:
🔹 Helen Haines in Indi https://www.helenhaines.org/join/connect
🔹 Zali Steggal in Warringah https://www.zalisteggall.com.au
🔹 Andrew Wilkie in Clark: https://andrewwilkie.org
🔹 Rebekha Sharkie in Mayo https://www.rebekhasharkie.com.au
🔹 Zoe Daniel in Goldstein https://www.zoedaniel.com.au
🔹 Sonja Semmens in Higgins https://semmens.greens.org.au
🔹 Monique Ryan in Kooyong https://www.moniqueryan.com.au
🔹 Sophie Scamps in Mackellar https://www.allegraspender.com.au
🔹 Allegra Spender in Wentworth https://twitter.com/instanterudite
🔹 Jo Dyer in Boothby https://twitter.com/instanterudite
🔹 Penny Ackery in Hume https://pennyackery.com.au
🔹 Rob Priestly in Nicholls https://www.robpriestly.com
🔹 Kylea Tink in North Sydney https://www.kyleatink.com.au
🔹 Suzie Holt in Groom https://www.suzieholt4groom.com
🔹 David Pocock ACT Senate https://twitter.com/pocockdavid

00:00 Giordano Intro
02:40 Simon Holmes à Court welcome
04:11 The Climate200
05:47 Cathy McGowan
07:10 Leveling the playing field
08:41 Why Indys are a threat to the LNP feat. Malcolm Turnbull
15:22 Hung Parliaments
18:55 Minority governments
25:03 The Coalition
30:42 How to make your vote count
42:19 New donor laws
43:44 Not-Shit Candidates in the 2022 election
52:32 Giordano Conclusion

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👉 Editor and Producer: Ellen Burbidge
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🎹 Music by Tom Day
🔹 https://www.youtube.com/user/tomdaymusic

📜 Captions transcribed by Jesse Dowse

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  1. Soooooo, I have this question what parties should I support that does not support shitfuckerries such as oil and gas companies, I get BOMBARDED and I say BOMBARDED by the United Australia Party ads that give a very false sense of authenticity (respective to the ads). I heard that I most major political parties are "Corrupt", how about the Greens or The United australlia party or others. And asking What should and whom I support?

  2. they are all shit, they are all pedos, senator bill Heffernan presented the royal commission findings of a police investigation into 28 prominent politicians – 1 a former prime minister visiting a boy brothel in kings cross.The judge ruled a suppression order of 90 years because he said it would taint the image of our politicians to the Australian people.
    ABC and all mainstream media protect these people. The greens are in on it. all of them.

  3. We have a complete wa*Ker in charge in the UK been getting pissed and having fun times while my friends died not even sorry about it. Not a person you look at as a leader ☹️

  4. In Scotland there are Greens in coalition with the government, yet they're content with "net zero" by 2045, and don't challenge the government's rhetoric on carbon capture and hydrogen fuel. There's basically nothing to see as far as they're concerned.

  5. Simon Holmes a Court, you instil in me that you are a man worthy of the award as a true Statesman.
    Long may you continue to achieve your Australia friendly considered objectives.

  6. Just like the kim jong un love letter's and kim is a great leader and loves his country statement . when Trump praises Putin as a genius for what he is doing to the country of Ukraine . it's seen on Russian TV media propaganda , giving Putin power to do more destructing and killing against Ukraine with Russian peoples approval . enabling Putin to spread more death and destruction . support of these dictators as they imprison and murdering people expressing a need to be free . this is not the America i was born in . serving our country in the military, so we could keep our freedoms , and seeing Trump and some Americans in support of Putin and Kim Jong un do this is like seeing hippy's spitting on our soldiers returning from Vietnam ……..

  7. If you live in the BRADFIELD Electorate (North Turramurra, St Ives Chase, St Ives, East Killara, East Lindfield, Roseville Chase, West Lindfield, West Pymble, South Turramurra, Normanhurst (part), Waitara, Hornsby (part) and Asquith), the Voices of Bradfield Independent Candidate is NICOLETTE BOELE! #NicforBradfield

  8. For someone that is 30 years of age and whom has never voted because of the mindset 'its just one clown versus the next', how do you even begin to sift through these people? How can anyone make a conscious vote when it feels there is no good informative information on any candidates in any party, without hours of research, and of course other then those the media is pushing or crushing.

    How can you tell who is legitimate, who is/ isn't lobbied by big companies and elite/rich peoples?
    How to vote for the removal of corruption in governments and propaganda in our media, How to vote for full transparency of our systems governments and those politicians in power and where tax payer money is truly going, How can you take a vote on new laws/legislation that get passed without any consideration of its people(tax payer). how can you trust any of this?.

    from my 30 years experience it has taught me that voting doesn't change any of this. This is the root of misinformation, misguidance, and of course my donkey vote…

    how to change a system and vote for the right person when any sort of information holds no true value?

    I am 1 of probably 15 million people in the same situation.


    heres what i think should change,

    All candidates should go through a screening process visible in one place for all to see, what they are for what they oppose, and who is in their back pockets.
    All candidates should have all bank accounts and money traced to understand any hidden agendas throughout all of their years of being a politician, everyone in these positions of powers are no longer allowed to be lobbied for the benefit of those lobbying.
    actually no under the table payouts for anyone. all funds should be monitored.

    All media needs to fuck of with its fear mongering, dividing, left wing right wing biased bullshit. all media needs to be unbiased facts only, plainly put with no agenda. no media owned or ran by the rich, only ran and funded by the people for the people. its our news. propaganda machine needs to end on all platforms.

    Anyone in these positions caught in the act of deliberate misinformation should serve a jail term, All those caught deliberately hiding information should serve a jail term, All those caught in the act of giving money/taking money for own individual agendas serves a jail term. anyone caught in the act of any corruption should serve a jail term.

    If you can't keep those promises then you should not be in a position of power over our people.

    No more bought Australia.

    How can i vote for this?

  9. Would love to learn how we can groom through independants and minor parties on their policies, values and beliefs to find what is benefical or shit.
    Also how we can see if they are following through on what they say?

    Essentially how can we find parties that suit and work for us.

  10. The essential message from Holmes a Court is that, those who have "anti-science messaging" (whatever that means), need to be targeted by a group of electoral candidates (hey, let's call them Independents) who are 'selected' from a (pre-selected?) group from within there own communities and all have independent thoughts and policies that, coincidentally, align with the political views of Holmes a Court.
    What is described here is not a group of free-thinking and truly Independent candidates. It is a group of narrow minded – but probably well meaning – individuals who have been shepherded into singing from the same song sheet written or vetted by Simon Holmes a Court. They are not Independent candidates and they are riding rough shod over genuine Independent candidates who, without the funding of the Holmes a Court team, stand no chance of winning on their honest Independent values.

  11. WTF! What a pack of nut cases; we have a rich kid playing politics with his daddy's money and the lipstick parade ranting climate, climate and climate. This country's income at the moment is coal and iron ore but these idiots want to drag us into the third world.
    I guess if you are a loser in life then go for this shit; take a look at your yourselves, what have you really achieved on your own merits and worked for.
    Were you born in a tent? Because if you keep pushing this shit, you are going to die in a facking tent without your latest mobile phone, no toilet paper and no means to cook.

  12. This is video is a wake up call. Find an independent candidates in your electrote that align with what changes you believe will benefit Australia. Please ensure that your least preferred party is selected last.

  13. Wouldn't vote for any of those red green liars and would be great to get rid of commo Dan and Palachook how about McClown they all stink and lie the mean girls will run the show along with the bed wetting Marxist Greens if Labor get in the Morrison Gov is just as bad in different ways so minor parties for me.
    CC bs caused by Gov deliberately geo engendering and that has been proved.
    The people suffer while China make the profits, Why dont these CC advocates speak up against the biggest polluters its the average citizen that pays the price for these CC BS artists so get lost.

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