Health Secretary: Compulsory vaccination "ethically wrong"

Health Secretary: Compulsory vaccination "ethically wrong"

The Health Secretary Sajid Javid said he was not interested in imposing mandatory vaccination – saying it was “ethically wrong and wouldn’t work”.

But he urged people to get vaccinated, saying that the Omicron variant of coronavirus was spreading and could reach one million infections by the end of the month.

When challenged on the Christmas party which took place in Downing Street during coronavirus restrictions last year, he said he was upset by the video of civil servants laughing, and understood the anger people felt having seen it – and shared that anger.

Watch his interview with Niall Paterson here in full.

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  1. Make vaccination compulsory in the uk for everyone.make it the law to stop the spread of this virus omicron .that everyone should have mandatory vaccine treatment .it should be made law .other countries have done it so why dont england do the many people in the uk want it made law. So come on boris make it the law and save peoples lives

  2. Is it just me, its sickening every mp who is interviewed always manages to get that line out.. Get your booster… At the end of every interview as its so obvious they've been told maybe trheatenened to say it, they really think the public are thick

  3. They will cross the Rubicon soon, and as soon as it happens we have a duty to not comply, if we dont fight back against this everything our forebears fought and died for will be lost.

  4. Shouldn't even be thought let alone discussed. Look what they have tried to do to us people.
    Vaccinated or not, makes no difference, if this was to happen all your choices would go.

  5. Everyone opposed to mandatory vaccination should sign as many petitions online as possible. Some petitions I have seen on petition websites have under 100 signatures. Together we could all make these numbers into millions.

  6. Boris has very bad advisers.
    If he stands against QR, he will make The Great Britain more great .
    The free country from global nonsense.
    All kind of top of the top professional people will be happy to leave and work in England. And, more, they will come with own money and won't ask for any grants.

  7. Stop mandatory vaccination for anyone.Stop coercion.CHOICE , INFORMED CONSENT for everyone no matter what their job is.People don't need this continual patronizing finish to every Dictatorship member opening their mouth 'Remember to get your vaccination'If we want one we will get one if we don't we won't.No state re-education required.

  8. He is going against the Nolan principles, which we all work by, he is a disgrace to try and bully people to take part in an experiment, which is a lottery of who gets what and who gets hurt or not. Can I make the point that people are getting different strengths and different vaccine products within this experiment, which is never discussed. This is why people's reactions are different. He should be struck off for not being honest and transparent on what people are actually being asked, bullied to participate in.

  9. They spowt a lot of rubbish.The science says we will never get in top of this virus and these measures imposed will not stop the spread and as for the vaccine and even the tests do not work against the new variant.
    But still the vaccine is being pushed,even though it clearly, DOES NOT stop transmission!

  10. The 2005 UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. Article 3.2 “The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society.” Seem to rule out the use of ‘for the greater good’ as a coercion tactic. Our leaders are ignoring the rule of law.

  11. Whilst I’m happy that government officials are currently taking the stance that mandatory vaccines are ethically wrong, the feeling is somewhat undermined by the knowledge that less than a year ago they were saying the same thing about vaccines passports.

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