BEST CATS OF 2021 PT.2 | Funny Pet Videos

BEST CATS OF 2021 PT.2 | Funny Pet Videos

Cat falls into clothing bin. Cat jumps from boat and misses the dock to fall in the water. Cat has Santa hat and hates it. Cat misses his jump. Cat Forgets to jump. All these clips and much more!
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This 30 min video has it all, cats being derps, kittens being adorable and all in all cats just being silly and cute in this compilation. We dare you not to laugh and awe!

Welcome to Funny Pet Videos, a channel dedicated to cute, fluffy cats and curious, rambunctious dogs. We are here to fill your life with more furry and funny things the adorable friends in our lives do. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we’ll have a new compilation of the funniest home videos of cats, dogs, birds and all kids of animals and pets being equally hilarious and adorable. Be sure the Subscribe to our channel to never miss one! So sit back, relax and have a laugh on us.
Our channel features content from: America’s Funniest Home Videos (AFV), Pets4All, KaleSalad, Pet Lovers Club, and more! All content is used with appropriate licenses from CollabDRM and Vin Di Bona Productions. For more information, or to license anything contained in this video please email
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  1. Pretty funny video except these animals that have their heads stuck in a bag! Many animals die from suffacation ever year from this. Open bags should never be left unattended. Not funny at all!

  2. Since dogs have been living with humans for a long time, they are said to be able to read our emotions. Many dog owners may have some idea of what they are feeling, such as going to the side of someone who is sad and comforting them with a lick, or wagging their tails vigorously when they are happy. Dogs have excellent senses and cognitive abilities, and can distinguish the slightest sounds of breathing, heartbeats, and tone of voice, and respond to human emotions

  3. PLEASE fix your pull cords on your blinds so that animals cannot get caught up in them! This is no joke! Dogs and cats DIE from getting tangled every day!!!

  4. I have kitties and some of the things they do are funny. Some of your videos showing a mirror falling a cat is NOT funny especially with someone laughing at the situation.I would NEVER encourage to laugh at these particular videos.

  5. Nice videos! I enjoy watching but I am side eying some of these clips. I’m thinking about getting a cat. I hope things aren’t being done to pets just for the sake of a YouTube video though. filming natural activity is great helpful even but don’t set your pets up that is just wrong and kinda creepy.