The Hidden Genius Of Cyberpunk 2077's World — How To Do Exposition

The Hidden Genius Of Cyberpunk 2077's World — How To Do Exposition

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  1. (Warning illegal activities portrayed and some language and violence. Read at own discretion.)

    It's Jackie, Jackie Wells

    Night City, where the best and worst come to play…. The year is 2077…

    Jackie looks around the well lit inner city of neon and people as a Militech patrol flies overhead, getting off his bike he walks over to Dex.

    "What's the plan?"

    "We keep to the alleys, use side streets and only then do we hit the main streets. We should be able to get through this without too much fuss."

    Jackie nods as he walks forward, trying to blend in with the crowds.

    Dex walks behind him as they approach the new MD (mind dance) club to meet with the local drug lord.

    The club is fairly empty, as its still early, but the atmosphere is still filled with a drug fueled euphoria.

    "Wait here, I'll go speak to him."

    Jackie nods as he sits down on a bar stool, sliding it forward as he gets closer to the counter while Dex walks over to the club owner.

    Jackie thinks about Dex and wether or not he can trust him as he walks into the supplier's office waving for him to follow…

    "I hate these petty side gigs. If I could just get one shot at the big time. Everyone will know the name Jackie Wells! Might need a partner I can trust tho." Jackie thinks to himself as he stands by the couch instead of sitting down in the lion's den.

    Jackie thinks about his time with the guild and wether or not he should have stayed.

    Jackie thinks about his family and how they are doing as he looks at all the drugs behind on the table.

    He then thinks about how he needs to get them from the counter to the people who will enjoy them.

    The only thing that matters to him is the money and family.

    The supplier walks out of a separate room and looks at the them.

    "So, you looking to buy?" He asks.

    Dex laughs "Maybe. Why else would I be here man?"

    He looks at Jackie as he gets closer.

    "If you a cop I put ya brains on the floor you feel me."

    Jackie steps into the man's face looking him in his eyes.

    "I'm no cop."

    He stares the man down before looking at the table.

    "So, whaddya need?"

    Jackie looks at the various drugs on the table.

    "I'll take a little of everything." He says.

    (Read next 2 words quickly) "Clickrr..zeereei"

    Jackie looks calmly at the supplier as the man holds an energy pistol to his head.

    "Ahh shit!" Dex says.

    "Ery cop says that…." The man says as his finger tightens on the trigger. "Tell me why I shouldn't just drop you right now."

    Jackie laughs looking around as he thinks."Three with pistols to my left and 2 on the right. Assuming Dex doesn't turn on me."

    He sees the man's one human eye squint in anticipation and ducks as a round flies overhead missing by inches as he bursts forward tackling the man into a wall breaking through it…

    Grabbing the gun on the way down he tears it from the man's arm taking the robotic hand with it as he rolls over and fires at the three near the entrance taking out each with 3 shots each.

    Getting up he rushes to engage the other two only to find Dex has already disposed of them.

    "Man, what the hell Jackie. Boy I… You lucky he started it… In fact you know what. I got a special job for you but you need a partner. Find one and then come see me. You want a shot at the big leagues this might be it." Dex says as they walk out of the club.

    The sound of sirens can be heard in the distance as several officers run on the sidewalk towards the club.

    Jackie punches Dex in the face and he falls to the ground holding his bleeding nose…. "You motha!!" He starts to say as Jackie makes a run for it.

    The cops reach him and ask if he is ok then quickly pursue Jackie.

    Dex laughs. "Coulda told me the plan first. Least the cops left me alone this time." He thinks getting up.

  2. Even before, when I was told to replace casually my eyes and put pads on my hands for hacking, I knew that the body was deemed a thing worthless in this world; The corporate power enforced on the workers affirmed it, and the monks who preached for the flesh in peaceful rebellion only made such truth clearer.
    CP77 is a good game, just unpolished.

  3. fuck yeah! when you asked about why subtext was so good, my first and immediate answer the second you finished the question was the same you said was the most correct one. I'm so proud of myself rn you made my day
    Edit: WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE you just made me work for the answer and as a result made me enjoy your video more after finding it, I'm flabbergasted, insulted, confused and impressed, fuck you man xD

  4. The problem with the NHS hasn't been the NHS, the problem has been for the government refusal to set a way to screen for parasites that do not pay but still get to abuse the system.

  5. The thing that really disappointed me was how bland they made the world. The PnP Cyberpunk world is vastly more complex and nutso than the game depicts. They really dropped the ball on embracing that.

  6. Hey idk if you're into anime, I would love to hear your thoughts on doctor stone. The exposition went right over my head because it meets all your criteria but is basically straight exposition and you constantly want more

  7. All of that hours and hours of rooms and graffiti and art and grunge and cityscapes and subway halls and clothes… all had to be drawn. If nothing else, the art of this game is stunning. I just wanted it to be so much more Blade Runner of Red Dead Redemption 2. Right?

  8. A game that does mystery exposition so well in my opinion is outer wilds. Its a game set in a solar systen with finely handcrafted planet, where a once established civilization just mysterious abruptly died in their daily lives. Your job is to find out all about them and what theyre doing in your solar system

  9. You're using the word exposition wrongly here. What the game did in Konpeki was exactly NOT exposition. But it's a great explanation of what Aristotle meant 400bC — show, don't tell — which is interpreted kinda literally.

  10. Nice video 🙂
    Your exemple of the black plague alien story made me realize why I loved the Witcher books so much. You have a lot of subtext that gives you a nice feeling of understanding I you take the time to sink it in.

  11. The dialog in the mental hospital was not as you described, and that is ironically why it was there. Cyberpsychosis is a major plot thread in the game, and the game makes it seem at multiple points that is incurable and only hints that there may be a treatment. So it makes sense that one character would be pointing out that they should just kill those with an incurable disease, and the other character pointing out that the corps have an ulterior motive in "treating" it, money. It is later hinted that members of MaxTac were formerly afflicted with cyberpsychosis and Regina Jones is looking to sign people up for a new treatment type, none of which is known by the player, or the general public when you can witness the interaction.

  12. I really like the world building, and the exposition is done well, for most of the the time. I didn't know that there is
    a mental institution in Night City in which two NPCs talk about the state of how that works to each other,
    That seems a bit weird to have that be in there for V to hear. Still I like the game and the emersion and plot.

  13. You created this video in such a masterful way. I love how you stood in the screenshots and clips you captured. Best use of greenscreen on YouTube. Plus your explanation is delicious.

  14. Really The Last Of Us Part II is bad(!) Cyberpunk2077 is genius(!)
    Stop making criticism…

    I don't think it's a logical fallacy and the main purpose of the story is to create a philosophical view. Moral Relativism is an idea belonging to the meta-ethical sub-discipline of the ethics department. He argues that "any order" contains more than one moral norm, that is, adopted rules, and therefore it is not "objectively" right or wrong. The Last Of Us Part II, on the other hand, is a masterpiece that adapts this mentality, perhaps, in the entertainment industry in the best way. The two sides of the coin represent concepts that are actually opposite to each other. Saying the other side of the coin can indicate both good and bad, because it is impossible to know good and bad, since there is no objective right and wrong according to "moral relativism". Being impartial and telling things as they are, that is, showing both sides of the coin, is an expression suitable for "moral relativism".
    Abby's father is the only doctor with the skills and knowledge to produce the vaccine that will save "humanity", the only human to fix. He is also a loved and respected person in the Fireflies group. Social status does not matter, as there is no "civilized social order" destroyed in this post-apocalyptic universe, but there are some issues, with the exception of health, especially this status change in the post-apocalyptic universe.
    Post-apocalyptic fiction tells how survivors and life are shaped after a destruction. It includes a dark and deep atmosphere, a life clad in dark colors and the colors of nature, and people depicted with different shades of gray. It shows nature, man's essence and man's true instincts. There is no civilized social order, official authority, that is, the state, has disappeared, and therefore there is no body of official rules, namely the constitution. Mayhem and chaos reign in this post-apocalyptic universe. In this universe or in this order, people live for themselves. People live each day to live another day. Since there is no order, human security is under threat, and humans act with the instinct to live, and this instinct is at its peak.
    As Thomas Hobbes said, “Man is the wolf of man”. Since there is no official authority and no justice in this universe, people maintain their own order with their own ideas and morals. That's why "moral relativism" is evident, and so is the narrative portrayal of man in shades of grey. So objectively there is no right or wrong. In any case, space and time have to serve a narrative or a mentality, otherwise the narrative contradicts itself.
    With this way of thinking, shades of gray are created. And expression (the expression here is moral relativism.) does not serve time and space; time and space serve the expression, because you cannot design a fictional space and a fictional time without expression or a mindset.
    Only idiots and dead people can't generate ideas. Generating ideas occurs with change and development…
    Also, The Last Of Us Part II is the masterpiece that I value and care about the most and love the most.
    The Last Of Us Part II made me understand, think and care about life, ideas, perspectives, feelings, decisions.
    The Last Of Us Part II is a completely unique emotional roller coaster masterpiece…

    People are subjective. And being objective is impossible for humans. That's why people who try to be strictly objective forever are simply illogical and emotionless.
    I believe in my own thoughts and feelings and I love them.
    People are different. That's why pissing race is just bullshit! There are works that I love, in which I put my heart and brain. There are also things I don't like (for example, rdr2 isn’t so good and I don’t like rdr2!)!

    20-Outer Wilds 92/100
    19-Divinity Original Sin 2 92/100
    18-Disco: Elysium 92/100
    17-Death Stranding 92/100
    16-Return Of The Obra Dinn 92/100
    15-What Remains Of Edith Finch 92/100
    14-Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception 92/100
    13-Inside 93/100
    12-Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 93/100
    11-Silent Hill 2 93/100
    10-Chrono Trigger 93/100
    9-The Witcher 3: A Wild Hunt 93/100
    8-Shadow Of Colossus 94/100
    7-Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 94/100
    6-The Last Guardian 94/100
    5-Persona 5 94/10
    4-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 94/100
    3-Bloodborne 94/100
    2-God Of War 95/100
    1-The Last Of Us Part II 96/100
    Bonus-The Last Of Us 93/100
    Best Masterpieces For Me…
    But you are just talking, “just talking”…
    There is no sense…
    All you do is stay out of differing opinions. No matter what people say, the perspective you've built will remain the same because your ideas are hardened and your perspective on difference looks like a ray of light coming in through a small hole in the cave…
    And fanaticism also changes depending on where it is viewed, I am stating my opinion here rather than fanaticism! You can't come and judge me with fanaticism, because you can take the side of the loved or the unloved. In other words, negative emotions can also be fanaticized, and I think this makes a person "hater".
    At the end of the day, they don't really matter. The key is tolerance.
    As Victor Hugo said: “Toleration is the best religion.”…

    Abby and the empathy generated is powerful because you are not forced to empathize. Empathy awaits! It is up to you whether to build a bridge of empathy or not. And not having empathy doesn't mean blaming others or not having empathetic concepts around! Maybe you are wrong and missing and you need to criticize yourself so you can understand what empathy is!
    Tons of incredible the foreshadowing, tons of the philosophical and metaphorical references (Biblical philosophy, semantic philosophy of the word moth, the meanings of the creatures in Ellie's tattoo, incredibly rich spatial and environmental designs, philosophy of ethics, secular humanism, moral relativism, utilitarianism) and tons of the incredible storytelling. .
    Instead of understanding these or at least "trying to understand", Although there is no mistake in the narration, it is extremely wrong and absurd for you to act as if there is a mistake in the explanation without reasoning. In this way, you gather only the fools and haters around you, as your goal is to create such a mass of people!
    But you can't sell these fake things to everyone!

    Because I got a lot of ideas, feelings and perspectives about The Last Of Us Part II, and there are people like me, people who use their minds… Also, The Last Of Us Part II makes another very good reference through Joel. In this reference, Joel and Ellie talk about a movie series (Dawn Of The Wolf) and it is told that the sequel was not liked by everyone and caused controversy. Naughty Dog even refers to himself. Naughty Dog handles moral relativism very well, because the Naughty Dog team criticizes themselves and explains that they, like the whole world, are made up of wrong and right… There are also tons of great references.
    The Last Of Us Part II is for me the ultimate work of the eighth generation and will always remain in my heart and my mind…

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