Mega Disasters: Krakatoa's Explosive Revenge (S2, E3) | Full Episode

Mega Disasters: Krakatoa's Explosive Revenge (S2, E3) | Full Episode 1

In 1883, Krakatoa, the most famous and feared volcano on Earth, erupted. Gigantic explosions blew the volcano to bits, which triggered massive lava flows that generated huge tsunamis, in Season 2, Episode 3, “Krakatoa’s Revenge.”


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  1. I liked the video as long as they were reporting historical facts, but then it veered into sensationalism by assuming the power of the 535 ad eruption was going to occur in present day Indonesia. If it took 1350 years for Krakatau to build up to the 1883 explosion, why would they assume a similar event was going to occur in just 130 years? It's just fearmongering.

  2. This show must have premiered before the 2004 Indonesian mega Quake & Tsunami that killed more than 225,000 people' because they're not referencing it. Back when the History channel was still an actual history channel.
    I miss it so much. It was by far the best channel on T.V. back then.

  3. "If you were within earshot of the volcano, you were dead" Except that LOTS of people heard it and didn't die, although those on one ship had their eardrums burst
    "largest explosion in history" Tambora in 1815, Ilopango in 536, and Thera in 1620(?)BCE were all larger, off the top of my head, and the first two had far more devastating effects on worldwide climate.
    "tsunamis that hurled giant rivers of molten lava towards land" Pyroclastic. Flows. Are. Not. The. Same. As. Lava. Flows. HOW MANY TIMES will we see sensationalized volcano specials by THC that get these two things mixed up, or show videos of lava (red, glowing, molten rock flowing like mud) while talking about pyroclastic surges (avalanches of superheated ash & toxic gases that look like killer gray clouds rushing down the mountain at several hundred mph)?

  4. As devastating as the 2018 partial cone collapse was — no, it wasn’t a realization of this, not even close. If you zoom out and actually take a satellite image of the Sunda Strait, you’ll notice that the southwest shores of both Java and Sumatra seem to be missing semicircular chunks of their shores — almost as if the islands used to be connected at some point only for a 30-mile-wide chunk of both of them to get blown away.

    This certainly wouldn’t be the only location where you have a normal volcano rising from a literal caldera rim. Vesuvius does the same thing — it formed from a vent created when activity moved to a small section of the collapsed rim of Campi Flegrei. Then there’s Mammoth Mountain, which likewise grew from a fissure created when the Long Valley Caldera collapsed. It’s very likely that Krakatoa is the same thing relative to the rim of the Sunda Strait Caldera. In either case, there’s something much larger and more devastating than the famous example lurking in the shadows.

  5. I see the characteristic "H" of the History Channel and immediately think to myself "whoa, here's a documentary likely full of over-dramatization, half-baked conspiracy theory, and/or spiritualist/UFO dogshit nonsense…pass."

  6. Hot water does not make the rocks melt. High water content in magma makes it very explosive but the claim that subducted water is the cause of melting is totally absurd. This is so fundamentally incorrect that it is hard to believe the producers of this show believed it.

  7. Actually anak Krakatau already erupted in 2018 and produced a deadly tsunami because of a landslide. This documentary was made before the 2018 eruption/collapse. Krakatoa‘s biggest eruption did not happen in 1883 but actually 540 AD when it had a super eruption (VEI-7) The nearby islands of Sertung and Kecil were produced during the AD 540 eruption which was even larger than the 1815 eruption of mount Tambora. The Krakatoa complex is actually a caldera complex. Even just before the 1883 irruption of Krakatoa those two nearby islands still were not connected with the main Krakatoa island and the caldera was still largely filled with water even before the 1883 irruption after the eruption of 1883, until 1927 Anak Krakatau re-emerged, most of the Krakatoa caldera besides those two nearby islands from the 540 eruption and Rakata were filled with nothing but water. The 535 AD eruption was not from Krakatoa it was from a northern latitude volcano most likely Alaska. Krakatoa erupted in 540 AD. The 540 eruption was more powerful than the 535 AD eruption of the mystery Alaskan and or Siberian volcano.

  8. The cause of the stream mighty blast that occurred near the end of the eruption was caused by the mixing of cooler dacitic magma with hotter basaltic magma. Anak Krakatau presently erupts basaltic magma. However silica from the crust over the next 1000 years will leech into the magma chamber which will turn basalt slowly andesite and then add the dacite or even rhyolite.

  9. 35:00 exactly what happened when the summit of Anak Krakatau collapsed not because of the magma chamber being drained, but because of structural instability in the volcano itself. Just the narrator described there was no warning at all when the summit collapsed on December 22, 2018.

  10. Krakatoa will not have a super eruption for at least another several thousand years because the magma it is erupting now is basaltic, but as silica leeches into the magma chamber the magma will become more Silica rich and therefore explosive, as silica rich magma can hold more gas as it is more viscous.

  11. Mom said her mom was born in 1901. But great Grandmom told her something happened when Krakatoa exploded: it was dark in the skies, and in Virginia where she lived as a former slave they wondered what that loud bang and rumble was. The noise circled the earth 3x as they heard it every day for 3 days. Wow!!!

  12. The narrator in the beginning of the film that krakatoa was the biggest eruption or explosion in history. I really dont think that accurate. Maybe recorded history, but isn't yellowstone much bigger? And what about the siberian traps?

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