LIVE: Program Breaking Point with Malick | 10 Jan 2022 | Hum News

LIVE: Program Breaking Point with Malick | 10 Jan 2022 | Hum News

مزید خبریں، تجزیے، تبصرے اور ہیڈلائنز براہ راست دیکھیے:


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  1. You guys sat and flogged a dead horse. It's just going to end without any concrete action!! You can abuse us as much as possible but recently when the restrictions were removed and we went for a short vacation we were allowed into the other state only when each tourist showed confirmed hotel bookings and RTPCR report. No amount of begging or source could be used. The no. of vehicles were TOTALLY restricted. We were advised by the govt. and hotels to carry certain sustenance and safety essentials.

  2. What do we mean if a robot is autonomous? An autonomous robot has the capability to move on its own, and it can make decisions based on sensor input (powers of comprehension), technically have a mind of its own, operating in a single capacity without direction or guidance, whereas a controlled robot does not operate so self-sufficient but acts like a puppet.

  3. Still PTI is defending there position , do u realize there mental level ,there mindset …. Shameful … Handsome govt don't have that understanding of governance . His beyond him capacity , on top he is so handsome .We pray to god handsome shd come back to power once again .

  4. صرف چاپڑ طیارے سے پانی ہی پیھنک دیتے سنو میلٹ ھو جاتی اور کم سے کم جانی نقصان ھوتا نلایق اندھی اور جاہل حکومت لانت ھو ان سب پر

  5. Despite stern warnings issued by the Meteorological Department long before the onset of the catastrophic snowfall, government officials were praising and encouraging people to visit this mountainous tourist destination that was about to turn into the valley of death, on the contrary, restraining orders were issued for going there and measures would have taken on an emergency basis to protect the people. Therefore, the nation can only weep over the indifference and irrationality of its political leadership and nothing more.

  6. اللہ کے بندوں شہباز شریف بھی اپنے سے ہر کام پوچھ کر کرتا تھا بزدار بھی اپنے بڑے بھائی ہر کام پوچھ کر کرتا ہے
    چوہدری مٹھو گل پی پی پی سیالکوٹ

  7. Mohammad Malik has bn campaigning against against Bazdar for the last three years , toady he has spit all his prejudices, it was the local administration which could not handle the situation properly boz of not well prepared r they didn’t hade the up to date equivalent.

  8. In Sb champions ko ma'aloom tha , detail mein BAAT krnay se pehlay ye batlao k Tum ne aur HUM TV ne awam ko warning denay unhay ehtiatee tadabeer batlaney k liyay kya kia…sirf BUZDAAR ki jaan ko rotay rehtay ho, apnay Chanel ki competence batlao

  9. کائرہ فضول ڈیسکشن کر رہا ہے ہوٹل والوں کی کوئی بات نہی کرے گا۔ جو لوٹ رہے تھے
    امریک ناروے میں ایسے اور چارج کرے ہوٹل ہو یا کوئی دوسرا تو ساری عمر جیل میں رہے گا
    بات مری کی ہے۔ یہ امریکہ کینڈا ناروے کی اور ایکسیڈنٹ

  10. This stupid Zubair retired just simply hate Usman so all he worried on Usman . Not saying one world victim family . When he was Governor sind all he was doing watching mura video shame on him .