The Ultimate Underdog Story: Japan's rise in the Rugby World Cup!

The Ultimate Underdog Story: Japan's rise in the Rugby World Cup!

Since their record loss to the all blacks in the Rugby World Cup, Japan have been on a long journey to become one of the best sides in rugby, culminating in them hosting the rugby world cup themselves in 2019. Here is their ultimate underdog story, from humble beginnings, to the ‘Miracle in Brighton’, to hosts of the biggest international tournament in rugby!

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  1. 2min in I liked this video.. then 4min in I went to like it again and realised, whoops, I've already liked it.

    So excited for Japan's future in rugby. As a kiwi Samoan, I'm proud to say, I support the blossoms 2nd only to the All Blacks.

  2. The rise of injustice in rugby, most of those players are from different countries especially the Pacific Islands, only countries with money can buy these players and have them play professional rugby and for their country. They have also made rules to stop those Island players playing for their own countries. Shame on the rugby nations with who are doing this.

  3. Despite the typhoon being the only blemish in their home world cup, Japan definitely delivered for their fans in reaching the quarterfinals despite not winning it all.

    Hoping for the same with the other upcoming 2nd tier nations in 2023, especially Fiji and Georgia if they can sort out the inconsistency issues to do more than just scratch the surface into tier 1 status.

  4. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful things I've seen about rugby. Was fully engaged in the video and felt the emotions of the fans. Well done WR. less than 10K to go before the magical 1million subs

  5. Watching the Japanese team play in the RWC 2019 really inspired me; I was 15yr during that time. I'm 17yr now still striving my best to become a professional rugby player, my name is Maika and I hope one day I could have the opportunity to play international rugby.

  6. This journey from this game against S.A. in 2015 to that game against S.A. in 2019 was just amazing. I loved every bit of it and I can't wait to see them playing in France for the next WR

  7. I am from Japan. We are really respect what all staff done to prepare the stadium after the big typhoon hit tokyo. All these background stories made the game with Scotland awesome and emotional.

    I also appreciate as one of the Japanese fan to all fans who cheer Japan rugby.

  8. I love how Japan is everyone's favourite team, I may be Irish and was gutted when we lost but looking back I think it's amazing that they beat us

    However Ireland really need to take notes from Japan and learn how to peak during a world cup