Why Kazakhstan matters in China’s Belt and Road Initiative | DW News

Why Kazakhstan matters in China’s Belt and Road Initiative | DW News

The last two weeks have seen the worst violence in Kazakhstan since it gained independence from the Soviet Union 30 years ago.
The country’s importance in terms of raw materials and trade has made the unrest of particular interest to Europe and neighboring Russia. And its massive neighbor to the east, China, is also watching closely.

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DW News

DW News


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  1. Well talking about Kazakhstan stability is not allowed? Remember China and Kazakhstan is part of the SCO established 20 years ago. And Russia is part of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. US went to Iraq and Afghanistan uninvited and stayed there for 18 years and 20 years respectively.

  2. That chinese guy said “… the government of two counties…” got translated into “regimes of two countries” is really weird. With biased like this it’s hard for to regard GW as a neutral media. Or it just isn’t. Also, to say China wants to keep peace in Kazakstan at all cost is even more weird. It’s like putting words in the Chinese guy’s mouth. Has China insisted on sending forces into Kazakstan? Is this a liberal bias or Chinese bias. Lol. GW, C’mon, as a western media, you can do better than a media novice.

  3. The protests are the result of the B and R. Their govt care more about China than its people. Their govt is likely bribed by China.

  4. 2007 book Blackwater, Rise of world’s most powerful mercenary army, chapter 11 Caspian Pipeline Dreams. Assets were deployed to Central Asia after Iraq and run with troops in Afghanistan. They tried to topple Xinjiang and send intervention troops to physically cut off China, that was more than 10 years ago. They failed and took cotton for a consolation prize. I guess both oilmen and their cotton wives are from Texas. It is more a mystery why they try it again in KZ knowing Putin would crush them in a day. The logical answer is the US wanted to cut off some unneeded ties perhaps.

  5. Chinese should just wake up that road initiative was doomed from day 1.
    It’s going through multiple regions with history of instability, constant unrest and political issues not just within but between each other.
    EU and US are already rethinking their supply chains with other emerging markets knowing helping China go more emboldened hurts the world.
    Uighur genocide is proven and world should take action.

  6. DW never reports that how much money you Germans make from China every year, your real competitor is Japan. Chinese like buying German cars, Americans like buying Japanese cars. Germans hate China so much. I believe that Chinese people will buy less and less German cars. Japanese cars are no worse than German cars, and even more cost-effective.

  7. I too thought it's some US playout to hinder China's BRI projects there. But apparently.. China's investment is not affected.
    OBOR is something that can bring finances to Kazakhstan.. it's business..i now don't think it will really be affected.
    I think the foreign interference is more targeted at Russia than China here

  8. 중국은 자본 이용해 식민지 만든다 그렇게 먹은 나라 많다 중국이 전쟁아닌 방식으로 식민지 만드는게 자본을 이용해 항만 전철인프라 깔고 중요시설 독점하고 중국인을 대량으로 이주시켜 그 나라식민지 만든다

  9. Kazakhstan today “The police department, all five floors, was a kind of a torture conveyor. Screaming could be heard from every window,” the longtime opposition activist alleged. “The tortures were horrific. They put bags on young people and strangled them. They beat people, jumped on those lying on the floor

  10. China detained 500 million Kazakh people in concentration camps, and held all of their passports and green cards, and doing assimilation to 3 million Kazakhs in East Turkistan. This will be done in Kazakhstan in this era.

  11. For china & the ccp's monstrosities around the world, ALL THE LIES: About the Tiananmen Square massacre, the ccp/wuhan virus, Hongkong's persecution, the illegal & comical So. china Sea claims, genocide of Uyghurs, organ harvesting of Falun Gong, atrocities in Tibet, Mongolia & other 'debt trapped' countries…china & the ccp should be punished for all these LIES & ATROCITIES!!!
    BOYCOTT china & the ccp's 2022 GENOCIDE OLYMPICS!

  12. Strange how eager the world is to defend Ukraine from Russian and Chinese influence.. But completely lacks a response for their complete domination of Kazakhstan

  13. DWPlease pay attention to the completeness of the map of China. Taiwan Province belongs to Chinese territory. If you are an impartial media, please correct this mistake.

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