A PERFECT Example Of Why Krystal Ball Left The Hill

A PERFECT Example Of Why Krystal Ball Left The Hill

Krystal Ball knows the importance of independent media.

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  1. I don't think that Biden won the Democratic presidential nomination because of media support. The way I remember it is Biden was not a strong candidate but Congressman Clyburn said Biden was the best candidate to go against Trump and then Covid hit ending campaigning and the primary was over. Saying that policies that affect peoples lives was not discussed is a joke. There was one and only one issue in the 2020 election – beating Trump. President Biden handily won so I guess Clyburn and the Democratic primary voters were right.

  2. Why is TYT giving this fascist air time? She literally has videos titled "Was I wrong about Trump" and videos about Hunter Biden and China … she has gone full on dark side and now she is trying to pull your viewers?

  3. "If you think getting rid of Trump is any sort of answer, you are a fool, and that's the bottom line" ~ Krystal Ball "Was I Wrong About Trump?" Jan 11, 2021 – where would Progs fit in a one party system?

  4. "if you accept Ball and Enjeti’s framing, we on the Left should not be asking the question “how do we work within the Democratic party to the extent we can while simultaneously building power outside of it?” but “how do we collaborate with nationalists?” ~ Nathan J Robinson

  5. I would not give her air time TYT, she and her co-star have done videos pushing conspiracy theories that Rand Paul has push forward against vaccines. They are not the solution, but part of a growing problem. Question everything is not the solution, you have to do it with wisdom and common sense, not hersey and conspiracies. Vaccines are not the complete solution, but they are saving countless lives, corporations should not make money off them yes, but at this point the higher priority is to save lives. The whole argument is to save more lives and not let people die in the pandemic. Belittling actual facts and science in the name of politics hurts and kills people.