Beijing Winter Olympics: A disaster for the environment? | DW News

Beijing Winter Olympics: A disaster for the environment? | DW News

Hundreds of snow machines have been at work since mid-November in what was previously the heart of a nature reserve. Creating slopes for the Beijing Winter Olympics requires huge amounts of energy and water, pumped in from faraway lakes.

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  1. It's all corruption. First Sochi which was a joke and now this. Of so many places in Russia, they picked one with not the right climate. Olympics and World Cup. Same corruption. Gulf WC is the same.

  2. I urge everyone not to watch this WO. IOC is so corrupt that even the ancient Roman senators and emperors at the end of the Roman empire would have blushed. CCP is wasting tens of billions of dollars that could be used for social services for their own people, and in a couple of years, all of these WO parks in Communist China will be reverted to the same old arid landscape. Actually, I think the IOC should become a part of CCP and have Summer and Winter Olympics in Communist China every year! Perhaps, FIFA as well. Communist China will win the most gold medals, world cup championship etc. Perfect, let the CCP continue to squander it's people wealth until one day…

  3. Don't Go! Nbc is not allowing comments and China has locked down a city of over a million because of hemorrhagic fever that's spreading from person to person! Thats a fever where you bleed from your orifices, eyes, nose, etc.

  4. Do U need Snow? It is mostly Ice that one sees in these events…. And China is capable in making some ice for the few skiing events in the Olympics.
    Stop thinking about Chinese Snow and start thing of Russian Gas for 2022!

  5. Isn’t artificial snow something very common for Winter Olympics? Or you need for transport athletes on to high mountains that don’t exist Beijing. Global warming is a thing, but that’s not a reason for artificial snow used in Winter Olympics

  6. Looks like a suicidal winter Olympic Games this year… artificial snow? And COVID origin? Limited electricity due to no coal supply from Australia… interesting how the Winter Olympics will be. Cuz the summer Olympics in Tokyo was a joke too.

  7. if you believe 1% of what the CCP had claimed that the trees removed were transplanted somewhere else, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. That s why reporters are not allowed to see the tree relocation sites. Poor trees and bad evil actors.

  8. Environmentalists is only know to complaints but can’t provide solution. As they know every where are facing climate change problems now a days. If not just cancel all the winter Olympic in coming year .